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Open session this Monday

Join us at Visy Park on Monday 22 December to witness the Blues' final open training session for 2014.

4:52pm  Dec 19, 2014

Mick hits back at critics

Senior Coach Mick Malthouse has refuted criticism of Carlton's recruiting this year.

8:31am  Dec 19, 2014

2014 Carlton Football Club AGM

Carlton supporters were welcomed back to Princes Park on Thursday night for the Club’s 150th Annual General Meeting.

8:08am  Dec 19, 2014

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Carlton on Twitter


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Carlton Community Fund


The Carlton Football Community Fund was established in January 2009 through the vision of then Carlton Football Club President, Richard Pratt. His vision was to further develop community outcomes and assist people from disadvantaged, newly arrived / refugee backgrounds and the helpless through a range of programs and services.

The importance of the Fund reflects Richard Pratt’s Jewish background and childhood experiences. The charitable organisation aims to achieve better social outcomes in education, nutrition / exercise as well as in integration initiatives. With Australian communities becoming more diverse, programs such as the Multicultural Program and the High Rise Football Program are very important for social cohesiveness and sustainability.

The Fund was established under a Trust Deed with the following purposes:
• Provide programs and resources for migrants and refugees in the Carlton and northern regions.
• Provide services in the area of health, counselling, education, training and communication for the maintenance, advancement and welfare of migrants and refugees in the Carlton and northern regions.
• Provide information, courses, programs, and research to program workers and migrants and refugees in need in the Carlton and northern regions.

The Carlton Football Community Fund is a Public Benevolent Institution endorsed with Deductible Gift Recipient status.

The Fund seeks to co-ordinate funding from Federal, State and Local Government and the private sector in the form of grants, gifts, donations and bequests committed to the objects of the Trust. The Carlton Foundation also provides distributions to the fund for operational costs.

• Ian Allen OAM
• Mark Harrison
• Judy Mullen
• Jason Reddick



The Multicultural School Program is a six week school based program to assist migrant, refugee and newly arrived communities learn about the game of Australian Football and assist with their transition into Australian society.

The program teaches kids in the classroom and in the playground about Australian Football delivered utilising major themes to reinforce key understanding around the following areas:

• Teamwork
• Respect
• Harmony
• Leadership
• Fair Play

Schools are also able to access educational resources online via the AFL Schools and e-learning platforms, which allows children to independently further their Maths, English, Art, IT, Social Themes and Football (all complying with the VELS components).

The Multicultural Program aligns with the Australian Jewish values and practices of Tzedakah – the idea of righteousness, justice and fairness.

The program was developed to:

• Provide equal opportunities for all in the community.
• Assist in integrating multicultural communities into Australia.
• Improve and further develop social, physical, nutritional and educational outcomes in the community.
• Utilise Australian Football to divert high risk behaviour.

Participants are offered many other opportunities including:

• Entry into the AFL Schools Multicultural Cup
• Visits to the AFL Multicultural Academy Camps
• Visits to the National Sports Museum at the MCG
• The opportunity to meet Carlton Football Club (CFC) players
• The opportunity to attend CFC games at the MCG and Etihad stadiums
• The opportunity to participate in NAB AFL Auskick at half time during CFC games



The Carlton Football Club (CFC) created ‘Nick Duigan High Rise Program’ in conjunction with the Victoria Police and Carlton Primary School. The main aim of this community initiative was to engage students in the Carlton public housing estates and divert high risk behaviour by getting them involved in cost free sport after school.

With finance, transport and communication being the main challenges facing their inclusion in Australian football, this program gives the local community an opportunity to be a part of our exciting game.

The initiative began as a 12 week program which used football-related activities to help promote physical activity, healthy living, positive behaviour and teamwork. This has now evolved to also include a number of programs which look to engage the broader community.

In 2013, CFC staff will be involved in mentoring sessions with specific students from Carlton Primary School who live in the public housing estates. The sessions will look to offer an extra level of support for the students and provide some basic role modelling which the teachers have identified as being of particular value for some.

The Club also supports the community ‘Harmony Day’ celebrations each year and this year sent staff along with Captain Carlton to visit the families and local community for some fun in the sun.

The students that are enrolled at Carlton Primary School and living in the Carlton public housing estates also participate in the Multicultural Schools Program and Visy Environmanicas program. This community is very important to the Carlton Football Club and we are proud to be partnering is so many high quality programs that support local families.



With the area surrounding Carlton Football Club rich in international students, it is essential that these often isolated community members are engaged. Issues exist such as high disengagement with the general public, poor nutrition and little exercise being common daily occurrences.

The I AM NEW BLUE program gives newly arrived, migrant and refugee international students’ opportunities to experience Australian Football in a welcoming, fun and social environment. By helping students understand Melbourne’s unique football culture, we can enrich their educational experience and aid their integration into local communities.

These experiences will provide a social networking opportunity for these often isolated students and provide an avenue to become more physically active during their time in Australia.



The Carlton Football Club celebrated Citizenship Day in 2012 by hosting a citizenship ceremony at Visy Park. The ceremony is conducted annually by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and is the final step for many people each year in officially becoming Australian citizens.

Jason Reddick, one of five trustees on the Carlton Football Community Fund (CFCF), has addressed the new Australians in the past and highlights the ceremony is just one of the ways the club was looking to help refugee and multicultural communities integrate into Australia through our unique game, AFL.



The Carlton Football Community Fund is a Public Benevolent Institution endorsed with Deductible Gift Recipient status.

As such organisations looking to support the efforts of the CFCF, either financially through a donation, or in kind through support, please contact Ned Murphy at to find out more.