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Guernsey Numbers - Viojo-Rainbow #16

Learn the history of the number sixteen jumper at Carlton as we look at all the new guernsey numbers for 2015.

6:00pm  Jan 25, 2015

Guernsey Numbers - Jones #14

Learn the history of the number fourteen jumper at Carlton as we look at all the new guernsey numbers for 2015.

1:26pm  Jan 25, 2015

Chat with Troy!

Troy Menzel will be joining us live from Mt Buller on Tuesday night in our first Google+ Hangout for 2015.

7:21pm  Jan 23, 2015

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Hyundai Member Loyalty Offer

Being an official Carlton member means supporting your mates, and what better way of showing your support than offering members a Loyalty Bonus if you purchase a new Hyundai.

As major sponsors of the Navy Blues we have this very special loyalty offer for Carlton members:

$500 cash back on all new Hyundai models*

It’s easy! Negotiate the best deal you can from any authorised Hyundai dealer then after the purchase, download the attached redemption form and send it to Hyundai with all accompanying paper work – then we’ll send you the Loyalty Bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Become a member of the Carlton Football Club and show your team colours in a new Hyundai... a Navy Blue Hyundai, of course!

Redemption Form

Terms & Conditions

Benefits for CFC Sponsors:

When considering purchasing vehicles for your fleet, as a valued sponsor or corporate partner of the Carlton Football Club, you are entitled to a special fleet discount.

For further information, contact:

Mal Smith
Hyundai Facilitator
03 9389 6296