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From the CEO - May 9

Carlton CEO Steven Trigg. (Photo: Carlton Media)
Carlton CEO Steven Trigg. (Photo: Carlton Media)

As always, once the season starts it races by – and we find we’re already more than a quarter of the way through it.

So, a few thoughts on our progress to date:


The wins?

The past three weeks have produced wins, which have been a terrific reward for effort, and in many ways, an affirmation that the path we’re on is a good one. Obviously there have been periods of those games where we’ve made errors (as developing sides do), but the spirit, work rate and determination to persist have all been really pleasing.

The ‘method’?

What has also been pleasing is both our defence, and our defensive method. Statistically, it’s a fact we’ve been really solid in this area; but of course we have been challenged in other ways. It’s a credit to the coaches and the playing group that we have quickly established a style of play – including a ‘team defence’ approach – that everyone has bought into. There’s been much feedback from members who say they’re enjoying watching “the way we’re playing”.

The ‘introductions’?

The Club song (following the Freo win) demonstrated how many new players have been introduced; with more of the boys inside the ‘Gatorade’ circle than out of it!

All of those new Carlton players have shown something. From Jacob Weitering’s Rising Star nomination, to the AFL debut of Charlie Curnow and the key roles of the traded-in players, we’re underway in developing the depth of our list.

The industry talks a lot about the youth of AFL lists (or otherwise), but while ours is indeed young, it’s the relative inexperience of the team(s) that we’re currently fielding that needs to be understood.

For each of the past six weeks, around half of our players in the team have played less than 30 games. And so, getting game time into our younger, less experienced players is a key part of our plans.

The challenge?
In truth, there are many challenges, but while exposing our inexperienced talent to AFL level is important, so too is managing their workload. The demands of training and games are high; and already (like many clubs) we have a few growing pains in terms of the niggles associated with that workload. So it will be a balancing act, and one of our key challenges.

In short, the first six weeks of the season have shown we’re moving ahead, we’re united and we’re getting development into our young group, but we obviously have an enormous amount of work still in front of us!



As you know, our club is striving to better engage with and include women (and girls) as supporters, players and as staff members.

Our bid for a women’s team in the inaugural (2017) competition was submitted last week, and regardless of the outcome, I’m really proud of the broader work that our club has been doing in engendering greater equality – and of the calibre of our bid.

Of that broader work, it’s worth knowing our club is strongly committing to a leadership role in equality and in the prevention of domestic violence in multicultural communities in Melbourne. We have corporate support and will partner with professional agencies in aiming to make a difference in raising awareness and changing behaviours.

The program is under the banner #CarltonRespects, and again, it’s with a sense of pride that we bring leadership to such an important community issue.

Post-game Social Club

Back by popular demand! The first of this year’s post-game functions for our members will be held after the Round 8 Port Adelaide game in Etihad Stadium’s Victory Room. Kids are admitted free to the game, and there will also be a kick-to-kick on the ground after the match, making it a great opportunity for a family day out.

The Journey – Part 2

Our Carlton Media team has again been given access to all areas of our football program over the first part of the season, with the next installment of ‘The Journey’ set to premiere in the week of our bye (Round 13). Stay tuned to our website for more information. Click here to watch Part 1.


Thank you to all 2016 members for backing us in and supporting our club. We’re delighted to report we’ve exceeded last year’s membership tally, and as we aim for equality, I’m pleased to say we look like having 4-5% more women as members, or as part of family membership packages.

Again, thank you sincerely for your membership – I assure you that everyone, including our coaches and players very much appreciate your support.