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McKay feels wrath of Grumpy Old Defenders

The Blues’ resident ‘Grumpy Old Defenders’ Michael Jamison and Zach Tuohy get to know young teammate and Taylor Swift fanatic Harry McKay a little better in the latest episode of Carlton’s highbrow podcast.

The co-hosts kick off the episode by asking McKay to “sum up your life in one minute”, only to be amused by the tall forward’s short reply, who says he was born on Christmas Eve, has a twin brother and just “grew up quickly”.

After a bit of probing, the boys uncover the 18-year-old's celebrity crush, only to soon become "sick of hearing about her".

“I wouldn’t take anyone (to the Brownlow) apart from Taylor Swift,” McKay says. 

Jamison and Tuohy then try to get to the bottom of a story relating to a recent first-year players dinner.  

“The waiter came up and said ‘how would you like your steaks?’ and all the other first-year players went medium and then they asked you (McKay) and you were like ‘I’m a big grown boy, I think I’ll have a large one’,” Jamison recalls with a laugh.

McKay is reluctant to confirm the story, accusing Jamison of “taking the mickey” out of him.

McKay leaves the Grumpy Old Defenders with a life motto that has been at the forefront of his mind during his recovery from a stress fracture.

“You look after your pennies and the pounds take care of themselves,” he says.

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