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Member profile: Lucy Walkley

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Name: Lucy Walkley

Carlton member years: 4

Favourite players: Anthony Koutoufides & Chris Judd

Memorable match: Round 22, 2013 – Port Adelaide v Carlton

Third generation Blues member Lucy Walkley vividly remembers the first Carlton game she ever attended.

It’s a game most fans will never forget: Round 22, 1999 v Richmond at the MCG – the day the scoreboard caught fire.

“We had to evacuate the stand…we were on the ground level where it caught fire, so right underneath,” Lucy recalled.

“I went with a couple of friends, my brother, my dad and my cousins. One of my cousins took some grass off the MCG and took it home to his mum,” Lucy laughed.

“We lost that game, that’s probably where my hate of Richmond comes from – we had to listen to the radio all the way back home.”

The infamous scoreboard fire at the MCG in 1999. (Photo: AFL Media) 

Lucy and her family live in Avoca, about two and a half hours out of Melbourne, so there was plenty of time to listen to all the talkback callers brag about the Tigers’ victory!

It was Lucy’s grandfather who started the Walkley family tradition of supporting the Blues – a legacy that Lucy will no doubt continue on. 

“I think my pop lived down there (Carlton) for a bit while he was doing his baking apprenticeship and that’s how he started barracking for them, and I’m guessing that’s where my dad got it from as well – dad’s the biggest Carlton supporter I’ve ever met.”

Now this father-daughter duo works together to infiltrate navy blue onto the many grandchildren.

“My dad and I are currently working on all the grandchildren,” she chuckled.

“I’ve got five nieces that barrack for Carlton and one nephew that’s half and half because his dad is a North Melbourne supporter.”

Travel time and weekend commitments prevent Lucy and her dad making it to all of Carlton’s home games, but when they do make it to Melbourne, they love soaking up the atmosphere.

“Both dad and I coach for our country club Avoca Football and Netball Club, I coach netball and he coaches footy, so it makes it hard to get to some games,” Lucy said.

Lucy and her dad all ready to cheer on the Blues.

“But when we do get along, I just love the atmosphere and you feel like you’re really in it with them (the players), especially in a close, tight game.”

The registered nurse loved Anthony Koutoufides “back in the day”, and although she hasn’t been able to remove the No.5 off her back just yet, there are two players Lucy hails as her favourites.

“This year though Andrew Walker and Patrick Cripps are my top two.”

Following the Blues means everything to Lucy, it’s “in her blood” and always will be.

“It’s the passion you get following a club, riding the ups and downs, footy is all I’ve ever known, my dad has bred it into us I suppose – we just love the Club.

“I’ll be a Carlton supporter forever.”

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