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Dream come true for Cochrane

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IT will be a special occasion this Sunday when young Blue Tiahna Cochrane makes her debut for Carlton at Ikon Park.

As the great-niece of Blues Team of the Century Trevor Keogh, Carlton means the world to the outside midfielder, who said it was a “dream come true” when she was drafted to the Club.

Initially recruited as a rookie in the 2017 rookie draft, the Castlemaine local has been upgraded to the primary list for injured skipper Bri Davey.

Cochrane is one of four changes to the Blues line-up this week, with defender Laura Attard and midfielders Madeline Keryk and Jess Hosking returning to the side.

Meanwhile Lauren Brazzale (injured) and Lauren Arnell (concussion) will miss the Round 6 clash, as well as Courtney Webb and Reni Hicks who have been rested.

This weekend’s match against the Dees marks the first AFLW Carlton Respects game – raising awareness for gender equality for the prevention of violence against women.

Along with navy blue (of course!), fans are urged to wear orange to the ground to recognise the cause.

The game kicks off at 4:35pm at Ikon Park on Sunday 11 March.


Backs: K. Gillespie-Jones, B. Kennedy

Half-backs: M. Gay, D. Hardiman, G. Pound

Mids: T. Lucas-Rodd, D. Vescio, N. Stevens

Half-fowards: S. Hosking, T. Harris, M. Keryk

Forwards: K. Harrington, A. Downie

Followers: B. Moody, J. Hosking, S. Audley

Interchange: L. Attard, G. Gee, T. Cochrane, K. Loynes, S. Li

Emergencies: N. Plane, S. Last 

Ins: T. Cochrane (rookie), L. Attard, M. Keryk, J. Hosking

Outs: L. Brazzale (injured), C. Webb (rested), L. Arnell (concussion), R. Hicks (rested)