Carlton IN Business provides a full-time resource with a pure purpose to connect members across the network. We are excited to launch three full-time dedicated business connectors for the 2020 program. Unlike any other corporate network
in Australia, our business connectors genuinely have your interests at the forefront of their minds, enabling your organisation to optimise its opportunities every day of the week.



This was our first year as a member of Carlton IN Business. We have found the program nothing short of amazing, having several facilitated connections leading to business transactions. The network is that extraordinary that it is backed with a dedicated business connector who is focused on our objectives. This is complemented by the high-level networking events that give us access to entertain clients and meet all of the other members of the special network. We’re looking forward to the 2020 program.


Sales Director / Partner - AppScore


Our business, the iDetect Group, joined the Carlton IN Business program for the first time in 2019, and from where we started to now, it has been such a beneficial journey. The opportunities created through the great efforts from the program’s facilitators, in particular Rob and Morten, have been second to none – a real strength to the success of the program. As a business, we have generated over $250K in revenue and have attended some fantastic functions where we have been able to host clients and staff. But most importantly, we have created many lasting relationships with additional members of the CIB program, along with the Carlton family lead by the CIB team. We look forward to being a part of the program in 2020 and beyond.

National Business Development and Relationship Manager - iDetect Group

Echo Group/Cherry Energy welcomed the opportunity to become a Gold sponsor of Carlton IN Business last year and have not looked back. Every event held has been spectacular, from the venue and the food to the entertainment and incredible networking opportunities. Our commercial brand, Cherry Energy Solutions, has made a large number of lucrative connections, resulting in us helping businesses to become more energy-efficient, save money and reduce their carbon emissions. 


Group Chief Operating Officer - Echo Group/Cherry Energy