Chief Executive Officer
Cain Liddle
Executive Assistant
Allison Beveridge
Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Crookes
GM - Consumer Business
Daniel Giese
GM - Commercial Operations
Ian Prendergast
GM - Communications, Marketing and Community
Vanessa Gigliotti
GM - People and Culture Anya Podbury
Head of Football
Brad Lloyd



Corporate Services:


Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Crookes
Finance Manager
Antonietta Makulski
Management Accountant Anthony Greco
Financial Accountant
Alex Marcello
Finance Officer
Alison Butt
Assistant Accountant
Cathy Altham
Graduate Accountant VACANT
Business Operations Manager
Leigh Meredith
Technology Support Coordinator Daniel Saliba
Head of Venue Operations
Martin Shannon
Venue and Risk Manager Alan Pfeiffer
Maintenance Supervisor Henry Gardner
Venue Coordinator Anthony Serra
Project Director Tim Kalkman
Integrity and Special Projects Manager Craig Millar



Consumer Business:


GM - Consumer Business Daniel Giese
Membership Manager 
Alex Jolley
Membership Sales Executive De'Marea Hawkins
Membership Retention Coordinator Patrick Romano
Membership Sales Officer Jake Santucci
Membership Sales Officer Okan Ali
Premium Member Account Coordinator Elly Ivill
Supporter Engagement Coordinator Chloe Burns
Membership Operations and Data Manager
Nicole Rowlings 
Membership Operations Coordinator
Billy Madytianos
Receptionist Cheryl Couvalias
Consumer Marketing and Communications Manager Daniel Arangio
Membership Communications Coordinator
Gabrielle Keegan
Retail and Merchandise Manager 
Matthew Holmes
Merchandise Coordinator 
Elise Hogan
Spirit of Carlton Manager Shane O'Sullivan
Bequest Coordinator Lou Katsamas


Commercial Operations:


GM - Commercial Operations Ian Prendergast
Head of Sales Adam Sapar
Senior Corporate Sales Executive Matthew Diedrich
Business Development Manager - Coterie and Sales VACANT
Corporate Sales Coordinator Emily Siler
Events Manager Kim Hooper
Events Coordinator Briana Platt
Events Coordinator Stephanie De Luca
Head of Partnerships Morten Webb
Partnership Sales Executive James Patrick
Corporate Partners Services Manager Jessica Manning
Corporate Partnerships Coordinator Annie Surridge
Senior Partnerships Executive Francesca Biello
Events and Partnership Assistant Teagan Adams
Hyundai Facilitation Manager Terry Corcoran
Carlton IN Business Manager Rob Duncan
Commercial Business Connector Toby Roberts
Business Executive - Carlton IN Business Sam Paterson
Commercial Services Executive Abby McNish


Communications, Marketing and Community: 


GM - Communications, Marketing and Community
Vanessa Gigliotti
Digital Manager Gavin Juchnevicius
Senior Video Producer Jonathon Strangio
Video Producer Michael Barker
Video Producer Sam Bonser
Digital Platform Editor Julian Wallace
Digital Platform Officer Cristian Filippo
Digital Content Officer Marni Olsson-Young
Communications Officer Rose Zarucky
Media and Communications Manager Will Botoulas
Media and Communications Coordinator Julia Montesano
Marketing and Communications Coordinator 
Jacqueline Guldon
Tony De Bolfo
Creative Manager Ashleigh Hills
Graphic Designer
Jason Salopek
Graphic Designer
Diana Scarso
Community Engagement Manager
Adrian Asdagi
Community Programs Coordinator
Claire Castle
Community Campaigns Coordinator Eliza Dewar
Community Programs Officer Kerryn Harrington


People and Culture:


GM - People and Culture Anya Podbury
People and Culture Advisor Melissa Vernon


Carlton College of Sport:


Carlton College of Sport Manager Chris Clay
Carlton College of Sport Course Coordinator Sarah Hosking
Carlton College of Sport Coordinator Chloe Tyers
Carlton College of Sport Placement Consultant Brooke Walker





Head of Football
Brad Lloyd
Senior Coach David Teague
Head of Coaching Performance Henry Playfair
Assistant Coach (Forward)
Cameron Bruce
Assistant Coach (Defence)
Dale Amos
Assistant Coach (Midfield and Stoppages)
John Barker
Assistant Coach (Midfield and Transition)
Brent Stanton
Specialist Coach (Ruck) Hamish McIntosh
Specialist Coach (Skills) Greg Williams
Specialist Coach (Goalkicking) Sav Rocca
Specialist Coach  Robbie Aardoom
Head of Development
Luke Power
Development Coach
Daniel O'Keefe
Development Coach Jason Davenport
Northern Blues VFL Coach
Josh Fraser
Football Performance and Strategy Coordinator
Brent Manson
Football Analyst
Patrick Cortazzo
Football Analyst
Jack Noble
Football Analyst
Matthew Hodges
Player Development Manager Lillian O'Sullivan
Director of High Performance Andrew Russell
Medical Services Manager Rohan Hattotuwa
Club Psychologist Tarah Kavanagh
Club Doctor
Dr Phil Bloom
Club Doctor
Dr Rob Vorich
Craig Christie
Daniel James
Jack Price
Lyn Beard
Emily Tregear
Trainer Danny Clarke
Myotherapist Laurie Jacques-Anderson
Podiatrist Dan Bonanno
Sports Science Manager Tom Kempton
Sports Scientist Sam Ryan
Sports Scientist Aaron Coutts
Strength and Conditioning Coach Steuart Livingstone
Strength and Conditioning Coach Matt Bode
VFL High Performance Manager and Physical Preparation Assistant Steven Tiricola
Dietitian Sarah Jenner
Head of List Management Nick Austin
National Recruiting Manager
Paul Brodie
List Manager
Michael Agresta
Recruiting Officer Dale Harris
Recruiting Officer Michael Jordan
Recruiting Officer Michael McFadyen
Recruiting Officer Ross Parker
Next Generation Academy Manager Zac Dawson
Next Generation Academy Coordinator Madison Prespakis
General Manager - Northern Blues Ben Brennan
Football Operations and Compliance Manager Len Villani
Football Administration and Welfare Coordinator Meg McArthur
Football Administration Assistant VACANT
Property Steward Jon Augustin
Property Steward Assistant 
Sandra Matti




GM - Women's Football
Ash Brown
Football Operations Manager Tara Bonello
Property Coordinator Adrian Noble
AFLW Senior Coach/Head of Coaching Daniel Harford
AFLW Senior Assistant Coach  Shannon McFerran
AFLW Assistant Coach (Forward) Brad Fisher
AFLW Assistant Coach (Defence) Steven Salopek
AFLW Skill Acquisition and Development Coach Adam Dancey
VFLW Senior Coach Paul Griffiths
VFLW Assistant Coach Christina Polatajko
Analytics Manager Amy Crowden
List Manager VACANT
Recruiting Manager Katie Loynes
Head of Performance
Josh Milner
Performance Preparation Coordinator Mitchell Greaves
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Steve Moore
VFLW High Performance Coordinator Tom Rock
Sports Science Coordinator Matt Whitaker
Strength and Conditioning Assistant Brayden Cassar
Player Development Coordinator Lindsey Berne
Head of Health and Wellbeing Riley Bodger
Women's Team Doctor Dr Steve Gilchrist
Women's Team Doctor Dr Alex Magyar
Dietitian Kristen Papathanasiou
Osteopath Damien Ryan
Women's Team Physiotherapist Matt Pallozzi
AFLW Physiotherapist Pip Henderson
Medical Operations Officer Emily Sneddon
Trainer Caitlyn Millett
Trainer Michael Kerrigan
Trainer Liora Frydman
Trainer Steph Newton