“I UNDERSTAND the great history that the number has at this club.”

For Adam Cerra, it’s a well-known number he’ll be taking into new surrounds in 2022.

After officially becoming a Carlton player when he got to his club of choice in October last year, preparations are well underway for Cerra’s debut season in Navy Blue.

And as announced last month, he’ll be doing so in the No.5 guernsey: the same which he wore across his four-season stint at Fremantle.

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Cerra on No.5 guernsey, memories of Judd

Adam Cerra spoke to Carlton Media about his excitement to wear the number No.5 guernsey for the Blues.

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Told when he arrived at the Club that he would get his number one preference for jumper number, Cerra said it had a sense of familiarity to him.

“Personally, I’m very grateful and honoured to be wearing that number,” Cerra said.

“I’ve worn it for the last four years of my career, so I guess I’m used to it!

“There were great players that have worn it before me and it’s a privilege to be able to wear it on my back.”

As someone who grew up watching football in the 2010s, Cerra didn’t have to think twice about his first memories of a Navy Blue No.5.

Of course, in the years preceding Chris Judd, premiership players and centurions such as Syd Jackson, Ken Sheldon and Andrew McKay all wore it with distinction.

However, for the new Blue who took a liking to the yellow and black growing up, there remains a vivid memory of the 2013 elimination final which is immediately cause for reminiscing.

“Dominance is the word that comes to mind,” Cerra said on Judd’s influence.

“I remember sitting at that game and Richmond was up at half time. I was in the pocket when ‘Juddy’ kicked that snap out of the stoppage.

“There was nothing you could do: Richmond couldn’t do anything to stop him. That’s why I think of the word ‘dominance’.

“Watching his highlights, he definitely changed the game and the way he played is something to model I reckon.”