HE ARRIVED at Carlton with the nickname of the 'Prince of York', stemming from his small hometown which is an 80-minute drive from Perth.

But after some adjusting to 'the big smoke' having only visited Melbourne once before being drafted, Zac Fisher is settled and in the middle of a career-best run of form.

The 24-year-old - who celebrated his birthday last week - was floored with the magnitude of the city he is now calling home. 

Fisher looks back on his time in York with extreme fondness, especially for his hometown club the York Roos. 

“It’s funny going back and watching [the Roos] now because I remember watching the league and the ‘ressies’ and they were quite scary,” Fisher said. 

“Watching those guys play, they were pretty big bodies, and I was able to play a few games for the 'ressies' when I was still at Guildford [boarding school] as well.” 

One thing Fisher noted was the massive population of Melbourne compared to York, which was a population of just under 5,000 people. 

“It’s pretty different – there’s no Maccas or cinemas in York, I think there’s a population of around 5,000 people,” he said.  

“I still miss home quite a bit, but the ‘big smoke' is not too bad as well.” 

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Having a strong family connection with the York Roos, Fisher often thinks about playing a helping hand when his AFL career is done, having watched his father and brother come through the ranks there. 

“I wasn't able to play with my dad but I was able to play with a few of his mates which was cool,” he said. 

“My brother is and has been playing there, and I enjoy going there – I’ve still got friends around the club so that’s something I’d definitely love to do.” 

Considering the small population of York, Fisher finds he has a stronger connection with players he knows are from those regions, no matter what club they play for. 

“It’s good to see Bobby Hill and Sydney Stack, Deven [Robertson] from the Lions,” he said. 

“My brother used to play with them, so it’s really good to see those guys when we play those teams and I feel like we have a bit more of a connection being from the same sort of region back home.” 

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Despite his Western Australian loyalties, there will be no love lost when the Blues take on the Dockers this Saturday at Marvel Stadium. 

Having fallen to Fremantle the last time they met in Round 6, Fisher was confident that Carlton can learn from its mistakes and put a good performance into place against an in-form opposition outfit. 

“Last time they played, they were really strong with their pressure, so not falling into their game and still being able to execute what we need to go out there and do [will be important],” he said.

"Being at Marvel is a little bit different to Optus but they’re still playing some extremely good football in the past three or four weeks: they’ve knocked off some good sides so it would be a good scalp to get.”