THERE hasn't been much time to absorb all the changes that have happened since the last AFLW season finished up. 

For skipper Kerryn Peterson, she's had to deal with a trade period, a house build and a wedding. 

Now, pre-season is back and the Blues are into the swing of things yet again, with a new-look side and a captain with a new name. 

“The whole year’s just gone in a flash. We had the back-end of the season and then rolled straight into wedding mode and didn’t have a lot of time off between the end of the season and (this one)," Peterson told the Herald Sun.

“People kept asking me if I was stressed, but I’m just enjoying what it is and still being able to train for footy and having the upcoming season so close provided a bit of a distraction as much as anything else. It’s been really enjoyable.”

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Although she may be excited and comfortable with all the changes, Peterson was still amused seeing her new last name in print for the first time. 

“When I saw the media release (announcing my re-signing), it looked a little bit odd,” she said. 

“The (Club) media manager even questioned it. It’s probably more other peoples’ reactions." 

Peterson has experienced team expansion in the AFLW before, noting that player movement is inevitable and that there is no bad blood between former and current Blues. 

However, it also presents a chance to welcome brand new Game Changers: Phoebe McWilliams, Amelia Velardo (both trades), Keeley Skepper, Mia Austin, Lily Goss, Jessica Jones (draft) and Taylor Ortlepp (rookie signing).

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“We’re trying to build something together. That gives me great confidence that the players we have recommitted desperately want to be part of what we’ve got,” she said.

“I’m not focusing individually on who’s not here – I’m committed to focusing and giving my everything I’ve got to the players that have chosen to be part of this group and to be part of what we’ve got moving forward.”

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