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OUR HISTORY: Peter Bosustow

“I was that excited that I was going to wear the Navy Blue jumper. It wasn’t a fluke that I chose Carlton. I had two players that I really wanted to play football with – one was Wayne Johnston and one was Mark Maclure . . . ”

So says Peter Bosustow, whose all-too-brief playing career – 65 games in three seasons from 1981 through 1983 – took in the two Grand Final triumphs of 1981 and ’82 – the former the third leg of the mark of the year, goal of the year, premiership year treble.

As those who saw him play will truly attest, Bosustow was a living, breathing highlights reel - complete with the high marks, spectacular goals and the collective triumphs that set the David Parkin-coached Carlton teams apart.

Wearing the No.4 guernsey he later tried to win back from a young Stephen Kernahan, Bosustow soon got the turnstiles ticking over at Princes Park (and anywhere else for that matter), playing with an audacity and a flair less seen now where “team” and “structure” are the more familiar buzzwords.

But 30 years ago he WAS the Buzzword... or more precisely “The Buzz”.

Recently in town from his native Perth to feature in a series of whistle-stop sportsman’s nights through regional Victoria, Peter Bosustow dropped by the old ground to turn the pages of his glorious youth for the on-going series of “Our History” podcasts for

In this podcast, Bosustow offers his own unique take on a number of pivotal moments in his time, including;

•         how his late father, the former Carlton footballer Bob Bosustow, advised him not to go to Arden Street after North Melbourne signed him on a form four;

•         how he jetted into the SCG to watch a Carlton-Essendon match and inked a form four in the Sir Donald Bradman Stand;

•         life with the club’s roustabout Leo Brooks with whom he lodged in Drummond Street and memories of Leo’s grandsons Mark and Jason Moran;

•         breaking Robert DiPierdomenico’s sternum at Princes Park in only his second match;

•         a premonition that he would take Mark of The Year a week before he took it;

•         his best Carlton player seen; and

•         a disastrous Tribunal hearing that effectively brought his playing career to an untimely end.

To listen to Peter Bosustow reflect on his action-packed career in the latest “Our History” podcast, click here.

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