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The Battle of Britain

CFC TV: Battle of Britain - Sunday Footy Show David Rhys-Jones and Donald McDonald re-live the 'Battle of Britain' on the Sunday Footy Show

It was supposed to be an exhibition match promoting all that is good about the Australian game. It turned out to be anything but.

Regrettably, it’s forever remembered in infamy as “The Battle of Britain” – the contest involving reigning Premier Carlton and the John Kennedy-coached North Melbourne at The Oval in October 1987.

By game’s end, North had emerged 13-point winners. But in truth there were no winners, least of all Ian Aitken, whose jaw was broken with a “king-hit”. 

While it’s unlikely “Beaser” Aitken will ever forgive or forget, two protagonists prepared to laugh it off are Carlton’s Norm Smith Medallist of that year David Rhys-Jones, together with North’s Donald McDonald.