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Blue blankets are a hit

Charlie Moore with his new Carlton blanket. (Photo: Supplied)
Charlie Moore with his new Carlton blanket. (Photo: Supplied)

How many Carlton scarves do you own? 

Two or three? Maybe more?

If you've supported the Blues since way back when, then there's a chance that you would have a number of navy blue and white woollen garments in your possession. 

So what do you do with them all?

Carlton supporter Andrew Moore has come up with a unique way of utilising Blues memorabilia – he has turned his scarves into blankets!

The Carlton member of more than 30 years contemplated what to do with the dozens of scarves that he'd collected during that time. 

"So I decided to make a blanket,” Moore said. 

"I took it to a seamstress and told them what I was after and the rest is history."

Now the proud owner of two Carlton blankets, Moore said that they're both being put to good use around the home. 

"My son Charlie has one of them on his bed, whilst the other one is used for guests,” he said. 

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