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After 45 years, new image of “Jezza’s” mark surfaces

Nathan Tural, son of Bruce Porter, sell the original slide and lifetime rights to an incredible image. (Photo: Carlton Football Club)
Nathan Tural, son of Bruce Porter, sell the original slide and lifetime rights to an incredible image. (Photo: Carlton Football Club)

A never-before-seen colour image of one of football’s most iconic moments – Alex Jesaulenko’s mark over Collingwood’s Graeme Jenkin in the 1970 Grand Final – has surfaced some 45 years after it was taken.

And its owner is prepared to sell the original slide and lifetime rights to its usage . . . if the price is right.

The photograph taken front-on at ground level at the Punt Road end of the MCG, captures Jesaulenko completing the historic mark in the second quarter of arguably the most famous of all Grand Finals, with Sergio Silvagni, Bert Thornley, Ian Robertson and Collingwood’s Denis O’Callaghan waiting in vain for the crumbs.

The pic was captured by photographic enthusiast Bruce Porter - ironically a Collingwood supporter - with his trusty Pentax. Porter was one of the 121,696 supporters who saw Jesaulenko’s rise to football immortality in the second quarter of the match, on the afternoon of Saturday, September 26, 1970.

A close-up of the image. (Photo: Carlton Football Club)

Bruce’s son Nathan Tural dropped into Ikon Park on Thursday armed with the precious color slide. Fiercely protective of the original, Nathan allowed access only to an inferior quality print, but did permit this reporter a precious sneak preview of the glorious original in pristine condition.

“My Dad went along to the Grand Final of 1970, standing room only, with a ‘traveller’ named Kevin Day, who had often popped into my Dad’s old jewellery shop in Williamstown,” Tural said.

“Dad was picture happy and on the day he was snapping pics. Anyway the crowd roared and Dad said to Kevin ‘Was that a decent mark?’ Kevin said ‘Yeah, it was fantastic’ to which Dad replied ‘I don’t know whether I got the picture or not’.

“He got home, got the film developed about a week later and got it back. As soon as he looked at it he thought ‘Yeah, I’ve got a gem there’.”

In the 45 years since, an enlarged version of the pic has graced the wall of Porter’s Noosa home, but has only been seen by family and friends. Porter was 38 when he captured the moment and now, at 83, has seen fit to sell the shot and with it the commercial rights, as a means of financially assisting his family.

There are around half a dozen images of “Jezza’s” glorious grab known to exist – the most famous of them taken from the since-demolished Smoker’s Stand by The Sun News-Pictorial’s Clive Mackinnon. The Australian’s shooter Alan “Spider” Funnell captured the mark front on in black and white, while the late Rennie Ellis captured the mark in colour from behind although his image is not as sharp.

Clive Mackinnon's photograph of Jesaulenko's 1970 screamer. (Photo: Supplied)

Tural, who is acting on his father’s behalf, said he believed his father’s image was the best of them all, “so I’m pretty sure it’s worth some money”.

“I’m only after something that’s fair in terms of what could be made on the photograph over the next five years rather than 10 or 20,” he said.

“People know it’s out there, and that includes people from Collingwood.”

Those seriously interested in seeking a truly unique slice of football history are encouraged to contact Nathan Tural on 0411 147551 or… serious bidders only!