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Silvagni Mark III seals deal on a football dynasty

The Silvagni story continues And so the tradition continues, with Jack Silvagni following his famous father Stephen and grandfather Sergio into the wonderful world of Carlton.

In the 120-year history of VFL/AFL football, only six families are known to have represented the same club through three generations of the paternal line.
By siren time Saturday night there will be a seventh.


And with Jack’s much-anticipated debut against Collingwood at the MCG – 58 years after his grandfather first ran out - the clan can statistically lay claim to the entitlement of Carlton’s – and arguably football’s – most famous dynasty.

Sergio, Rita, Jo, baby Ben, Stephen and Jack Silvagni, 2001. (Photo: Supplied)
As it currently stands, the following families known to have represented the same club by way of paternal grandfather, father and son are the Kennedys at Hawthorn, Bourkes at Richmond, Dwyers at North Melbourne, Hirds at Essendon, Matthews’ at South Melbourne and Greens at Collingwood.
John Kennedy sen., John Kennedy jun. and Josh Kennedy top the table with a collective contribution of 418 matches and 25 seasons to the Hawks, with Josh, it must be said, having so far contributed a further 157 senior appearances over seven seasons with Sydney.
And yet, Sergio and Stephen Silvagni alone gave Carlton the joint quota of 551 games through 35 seasons (with Jack on the cusp of contributing one more to each this weekend).

Jack Silvagni with father Stephen, 2001. (Photo: Supplied)
As with his father Stephen, Jack Silvagni’s senior debut came after six reserve grade matches and, according to Carlton’s annual report of 1958, Sergio was amongst the reserve grade players who played eight games or less before getting his first senior call-up.
Stephen, like his father Sergio, completed his senior debut in an away match against South Melbourne/Sydney in the seventh round – Stephen at the SCG in Round 7 1985; Sergio at the Lakeside Oval in the same round of 1958.

Sergio, Jack and Stephen Silvagni. (Photo: Carlton Media)

Paternal grandfathers/fathers/sons of the same lineage known to have represented the same VFL/AFL club at senior level;
KENNEDY (Hawthorn)
John Kennedy sen. (164 games 1950-’59)
John Kennedy jun. (241 games 1979-’91)
Josh Kennedy (13 games 2008-’09)
Total: 418 matches
BOURKE (Richmond)
Frank Bourke (16 matches 1943, 1946-’47)
Francis Bourke (300 matches 1967-’81)
David Bourke (85 matches 1995-2001)
Total: 401 matches
DWYER (North Melbourne)
Leo Dwyer (71 matches 1925-’29 & ’34-’35)
Laurie Dwyer (201 matches 1956-’70)
David Dwyer (72 matches 1984-’91) & Anthony Dwyer (30 matches 1990-’96)
Total: 374 matches
HIRD (Essendon)
Allan Hird sen. (102 games 1940-’45)
Allan Hird jun. (4 games 1966-’67)
James Hird (253 games 1992-2007)
Total: 359 matches
MATTHEWS (South Melbourne)
Herb Matthews sen. (32 games 1914 & 1923-’24)
Herbie Matthews (191 games 1932-’45)
Herb Matthews II (82 games 1964-’69)
Total: 305 matches
GREEN (Collingwood)
Jack Green sen. (108 matches 1911-’18)
Jack Green jun. (127 matches 1938-’49)
Jack Green III (18 matches 1967-’69)
Total: 253 matches
SILVAGNI (Carlton)
Sergio Silvagni (239 matches 1958-’71)
Stephen Silvagni (312 matches 1985-2001)
Jack Silvagni*
Total: 551 matches