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Honour the past: No.11

Honour the past | Bruce Doull Watch the best of Carlton legend Bruce Doull in the No.11 guernsey.

Earlier this week, Carlton's 11 newest players were awarded their guernseys as they prepare for life as Blues.

Starting with the No.11 guernsey, we look at the players who have made the guernsey what it is, and what's to come for the incumbent. 

Honour the past

By the numbers
Number of representatives: 27
Average games played: 50.8
Games record holder: Bruce Doull — 329 games
Best and fairest wins: Four — 1974, 1977, 1980, 1984
Premiership players: Five (Nine premierships)
100-game players: Six
Hall of Fame members: Four — Rod McGregor; Laurie Kerr; John Goold; Bruce Doull

Famous faces
When you think of the No.11 guernsey in the Old Dark Navy Blue, you only think of one man straight away.

An official Legend of the Club, a Carlton and AFL Team of the Century member as well as four premierships and four best and fairest wins — Bruce Doull did it all. Over 329 games, no one did it better or as consistently as Doull in the No.11.

However, that’s not to say there aren’t a number of players who have done the guernsey proud: in fact, the No.11 is historically one of Carlton’s most famous.


Doull is joined in the Hall of Fame by Laurie Kerr, who wore the number with esteem between 1950-1959. He remained an influential and much-loved member of the Club for another 30 years.

Also included in the Hall of Fame are Rod McGregor (1905-1920, four premierships) and Doull’s predecessor John Goold (1962-1970, two premierships).

Then, there’s also the man who wore the jumper in Carlton’s last premiership win in 1995.

Own the future

New custodian
All involved at Carlton were thrilled when Mitch McGovern became the Club’s first acquisition of this year’s trade period.

The high-flying, versatile forward was a key target for the Blues from Adelaide, and was given the famous No.11 guernsey when he arrived at Ikon Park. Of the last eight players to be awarded the number, McGovern is the seventh player from a different club.


McGovern will hopefully evoke memories of a previous wearer of the guernsey: his bash-and-crash, physical style will resonate with supporters who saw Earl Spalding do just that for 102 games.

Out with ‘the Duke’, in with ‘the Governor’.