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Honour the past: No.13

Honour the past | Mil Hanna Watch the best of Carlton great Mil Hanna in the No.13 guernsey.

Late last month, Carlton’s 11 newest players were awarded their guernseys as they prepare for life as Blues.

Moving on to the No.13 guernsey, we look at the players who have made the guernsey what it is, and what's to come for the incumbent. 

Honour the past

By the numbers
Number of representatives: 27
Average games played: 37.2
Games record holder: Mil Hanna — 190 games
Best and fairest wins: Two — 1946, 1948
Premiership players: Five (Six premierships)
100-game players: Four
Hall of Fame members: Four — Vin Gardiner; Jack Howell; Ollie Grieve; Mil Hanna


Famous faces
With six premiership victories in the jumper as well as four Hall of Famers, the No.13 has been represented with esteem in Carlton’s 154-year history.

Arguably the most well-known wearer of the guernsey is Mil Hanna, the 1995 premiership player who is the games-record holder.

Known affectionately as ‘the Cranium’, the No.13 would bob up anywhere on the field, equally adept across half-back, the wing or in the forward line.

He was named on a half back flank in the 1992 All Australian team, and had two five-goal hauls in as many years against Hawthorn (1994 and 1995).

Hanna is joined in the Hall of Fame by three other players who wore the No.13 guernsey: Vin Gardiner, Jack Howell and Ollie Grieve. Gardiner led the Club’s goalkicking for seven years between 1908 and 1917.

Own the future

New custodian

The footage and story of Carlton acquiring Liam Stocker has been well-circulated by now. The Blues ‘got their man’ on draft night, engaging in a live trade to bring Stocker to Ikon Park.

The Sandringham Dragons product was awarded the No.13 guernsey when he arrived at Carlton, for what hopefully becomes a long career in navy blue.

The word that described Stocker when he was drafted was ‘competitor’. He can win both inside and outside ball and can use either his left or right foot to find targets.

While Stocker will go down as a memorable pick No.19, he’ll be hoping to have an even bigger impact in the No.13 jumper.