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Dow Diary: What a week

Phase two | Pre-season camp Watch as the Blues get put through their paces on the Sunshine Coast for the 2019 pre-season camp.
When it all clicks, it’s going to be something special to be a part of.
Paddy Dow

WHAT a week. And what a way to finish it off. 

We really had a focus of getting out what we put in. The main focuses of the camp were coming out of it as better players and also coming out of it as closer teammates. 

With so many hours on the track, at the beach recovering and in the gym, we definitely achieved what we set out to do on the Sunshine Coast. 

We had a football focus heading into camp, and I think the whole group has an understanding of what to expect and how we can give ourselves the best chance of winning games of football.

Seeing guys like Zac Fisher and Sam Walsh do what they do in training and in match simulation on the final day, it’s got me excited to play with them for a number of years. 


And I think it’s reason for our supporters to be really excited as well. 

Myself included, so many players have arrived here in the last three or four years — a lot of us through the draft. We’re still learning the game and growing each week, and that’s all with the focus of being great players for the Carlton Football Club. 

When it all clicks, it’s going to be something special to be a part of. And we have full faith that we’re on the right track to get there. 

Paddy Dow can't wait to build something special at Ikon Park. (Photo: AFL Media)

It wasn’t easy, but the way we battled through some really big days under fatigue was really impressive. We didn’t have a choice — we had to get through it together as a group. 

We saw everyday as a chance to grow, and that included the way we jelled as a unit. The spirit was right up from the start of the week and it stayed that way. 

I think that was shown for all to see on the final hour of our camp. 

The moment we found out Gibbo and Matty Cottrell were going to be part of our group in 2019 is something that myself or any of the boys won’t forget anytime soon. I can only imagine how the two of them felt.

The way they have come in and given it their all is something we’ve loved. We already felt like they were part of our group, but to have it become official was just an awesome moment. 

It was the perfect way to cap off our time on the Sunshine Coast.

Now, it’s time to return home to Ikon Park. And there’s not too long before our games arrive, where we can put all of this into practice. 

I can’t wait!