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Blues left "frustrated, hurting"

R4 | Bolton post-match Brendon Bolton speaks to the media after the Round 4 match against the Suns.

“IT leaves us frustrated. It leaves us hurting. It leaves us determined.”

Brendon Bolton’s Carlton was left to lament missed opportunities to seal a win against the Gold Coast Suns yesterday.

While Bolton said there wasn’t a lack of belief about a first win in 2019 being imminent, he said there was bound to be frustration after the loss at the death.

The coach said it was a lack of composure which undid the Blues over the course of the game.

“We’re defeating ourselves on many plays, more with ball-in-hand than anything else,” Bolton said.

“Composure — being able to assess what’s in front. We did that quite well with the McGovern lead-ups, but then we had some absolute shockers.”

The Blues were moments away from triumph at Metricon Stadium, before a late Jack Bowes goal saw the Suns hit the lead with 10 seconds remaining.

Bolton said the whole of Club was hurting from what transpired, but the effort wouldn’t wane.

“There’s a lot of determination to get this right for our members. Our players and coaching staff want to repay our members living through this,” he said.

“We’re hurting with you. We’re frustrated with you.

“Stick with us.”

Bolton said the ability to understand and execute the situation in-game was something which was continuously front-of-mind for his side.

“There’s a win around the corner if we keep giving the effort we’re giving, but we know we need to get some polish in our play,” he said.

“We’ve got to keep training it, there’s no big secret to it.”