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The Two Tones, Episode 9: Show notes

Two Tones | Adrian Hickmott Tune into episode nine of The Two Tones, presented by Barkly Smokehouse.

WELCOME to the Adrian Hickmott edition of the Two Tones podcast, proudly presented by Barkly Smokehouse.

This week's episode features special guest Nic Newman, who is out for retribution against a few of his teammates after Tuesday morning's 'oniongate'. 

There's plenty to look forward in this episode including a potential historic recruit for the Barkly Smokehouse smallgoods team of the century, another belter of a quiz question from quizmaster Cristiano, and a full review of Saturday's game against the Pies. 

Tune in above! 


Episode Guide:

0:45: Hard nut, or hard butt?

1:45: A potential recruit for the Barkly Smokehouse smallgoods team of the century

2:45: A look back at last week’s game against the Pies.

10:30: What’s grinding Beast’s gears this week?

14:00: The votes are in for the Barkly Smokehouse player of the year!

16:20: Cristiano has all of your tweets. Check out if you got mentioned this week.

19:00: Rally? Ralee? Doesn’t matter. Here’s this week’s quiz question.

20:40: Hello Newman. Nic joins the Two Tones!

22:00: How have the boys stitched up Newy?

24:00: Why is Matty Cottrell named himself the moth?

25:00: Watch out Tom De Koning, you’re in Newy’s firing line!

31:00: A look ahead to this weekend’s game against the GWS Giants