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Liddle embracing the excitement

Two Tones | Cain's kids love Carlton Cain Liddle speaks of his kids' love for the Navy Blue on the Two Tones, presented by Barkly Smokehouse.

The excitement was palpable at Marvel Stadium on Saturday night.

Just ask Ryker Liddle — son of Carlton CEO, Cain.

When Charlie Curnow marked on the weekend just prior to his seventh goal, Liddle junior was lapping up every minute.

“He was up and about on the weekend wasn’t he, little Ryker,” Liddle said.

“He’s definitely a Carlton member… all he sort of knew early days was Richmond.

“It was pretty easy, he’s got some pretty good mates that are Carlton within his group at school, so he saw the positives straight away.”

Ryker was one of 35,479 people in attendance captivated by an enthralling - if not ultimately unsuccessful - Carlton comeback.


And the noise wasn’t lost on the players: something Liddle was quick to mention on this week’s edition of the Two Tones.

“I’m big on the member and supporter. Just to look around that ground and see the excitement, that’s what I come to work for everyday,” he said.

“That’s the thing that excites me — to walk out and see people as excited as they are and wanting to come back.

“To have players grab me after the game, like Sam Walsh and Paddy Dow the week before saying the crowd was so loud.”

Liddle’s message to Carlton’s youngsters was simple: “boys, wait until there’s 85,000 of them regularly”.

“That isn’t far away — you haven’t heard anything yet,” he said.

“That’s really exciting and for my kids and kids of other members, it’s just great to be playing an attacking brand of footy with some very, very good players out there.

“I think Carlton supporters are in for a really good era.”