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VFLW review: Defenders

Blues Banter | VFLW Jess Hosking is in charge of the microphone after training for the latest edition of Blues Banter, brought to you by Endeavour Group.

Following Carlton’s 2019 VFLW season, Senior Coach Shannon McFerran provided the following words on the Carlton defenders:

Nicola Burns

Games: 4 | Season-high tackles: 5 (v Southern Saints) 

A returning player who came into some good form at the end of the year. Injury interrupted her season. 

Gemma Wright 

Games: 14 | Avg disposals: 9.7

Gemma has a basketball background and limited football experience, but she was huge down back and cemented her position from the start of the season. Gemma has strong hands and is a great decision-maker. She nullified a number of opposition key forwards throughout the season.

Megan Neill

Games: 11 | Season-high tackles: 5 (v Essendon and Geelong)

The co-captain led from the get-go, displaying a fantastic attitude to become a valuable member of the team. She is a strong and capable defender.


Amanda Prins 

Games: 12 | Season-high tackles: 9 (v Darebin)

Amanda was a capable defender whose season got better each week. She improved a lot throughout the season.

Isobel Dakis Rofe 

Games: 4 | Season-high tackles: 5 (v Darebin)

Isobel is still learning the game but has a strong tackling ability.

Phoebe Chisholm

Games: 8 | Season-high disposals: 8 (v Western Bulldogs)

Phoebe is a young defender who was able to compete with some of the most seasoned opposition players throughout the season.


Mia-Rae Clifford

Games: 14 | Avg disposals: 9.8

Mia was a fantastic addition to the team this season. She can play anywhere across the ground and displays great leadership.

Charlotte Wilson 

Games: 12 | Avg disposals: 8.3

Charlotte is a young key defender who was able to develop in her role down back throughout the season. She also showed promise in stints as a key forward.

Lauren Brazzale

Games: 4 | Avg disposals: 14

Lauren provided plenty of run off half-back and also spent some time in the middle this season.


Emerson Woods

Games: 13 | Avg disposals: 9.7

Emerson is a young player who we saw make her AFLW debut in 2019. She really developed as a defender this VFLW season.

Natalie Plane

Games: 11 | Avg disposals: 13.6

Nat was one of our co-captains this season. She is a terrific leader with elite skills.

Gab Pound

Games: 6 | Avg disposals: 17.8

Gab provided plenty of run off the half-back line throughout the season. We all know what she’s capable of as an All Australian: she’s a small defender who can play tall, while she displayed strong hands on many occasions.

Jess Hosking

Games: 11 | Avg disposals: 17.4

Jess is a great athlete who provided plenty of run off half-back this season. She is maturing as a footballer and refining her craft.