AS PART of Carlton Media’s commitment to keep members and fans connected during the AFL shutdown, Sam Petrevski-Seton took to Twitter to answer your questions. 

Hey Samo, did you stay in Vic or go back to WA for this lockdown period? What does a typical day look like for you? – Judy

SPS: I chose to stay in Victoria. If it's a training day, I go through my program first thing, come home and trying to keep busy: I'm doing a bit of painting and playing a bit of guitar. The hardest part is being entertained after dinner: no making TikToks at night.

Your TikTok game seems pretty strong, what do you have in store for us next? – Denis

SPS: I'm trying to keep things under wraps - I'll have to have a look at what's happening at the moment and try and fit it in for myself. There's a bit of NBA stuff which hasn't quite worked out.

Love your TikTok make how long does it take to do one? – Saad

SPS: Appreciate the support! The Carl Barron one took me three minutes, just with a bit of lip syncing. The golf one took me a solid hour of pure commitment. I went through 25 golf balls four times each.

Do you see yourself making the midfield your main role in time? – Ben

SPS: I see myself as a midfielder but at the moment I'm really enjoying playing at half back and up-skilling my game with the defenders.

What is the top 3 bromances at the club?? In your opinion. – Hunter

SPS: Three votes: Harry McKay and Cam Polson.
Two votes: Zac Fisher and Marc Murphy.
One vote: Lachie Plowman and Caleb Marchbank.

Hope you’re doing well Samo. What are your favourite top 5 Indigenous players of all time? – Jacinta

SPS: 1. Andrew McLeod
2. Cyril Rioli
3. Eddie Betts
4. Lance Franklin
5. Liam Jurrah

What’s been your favourite win to be a part of? – Gem

SPS: I've got two, my first win in Round 3, 2017 against Essendon in the rain is one I'll never forget. It's hard to go past the win against Freo in Perth last year, when Murph kicked the winner after Charlie went down. It was sweet getting the win back home.

Who would be your top 5 players in the AFL competition right now and why ? – Fletch

SPS: 1. Patrick Cripps
2. Dustin Martin
3. Nat Fyfe
4. Patrick Dangerfield
5. Finbar O'Dwyer