AS PART of Carlton Media’s commitment to keep members and fans connected during the AFL shutdown, Tom Williamson took to Twitter to answer your questions. 

What is the most important lesson you learned during the rehab time? Good Luck mate. – Krishnan

TW: Probably it's about letting it happen and controlling what I can control. What took me a while to work out was stress and being relaxed: the body heals much quicker when you're relaxed and not worrying about things I couldn't control myself.

Hey Mate, how hard is it to keep motivated after so long trying to recover only to find out the season is postponed? – Mark

TW: For me it was pretty easy because I'm really motivated to train anyway. I enjoy the fitness side of things and getting myself in the best position to play.

How have you handled long term setbacks ? I have suffered a few knee injuries over 4 years and i haven’t played footy since then. I am just interested in your mindset to rehabilitation and remaining positive. – Brydon

TW: The main thing was relying around the people around you and the realisation that you're going to have days where you're not going to be 100 per cent on top of things. I was lucky enough to have Doc alongside me who's so strong and helped me keep on top of things.

Hi Tommy ! Who at the club has been your biggest go too / lean on me support while overcoming your injury? – Kylie

TW: I mentioned Doc before, he was massive as was Andrew Russell. We've great leaders in Kade Simpson and Liam Jones in how caring they are. Russ is across everything physically and mentally from a high performance point of view and he was really good for me. 

Favourite teammate to play with and least favourite to play with- Eli

TW: My favourite would be Jonesy: he empowers people around him with his presence and you know what you're going to get from him every time. I'll throw Jacob Weitering under the bus because he shows no expression whatsoever.

Is there going to be a sequel to the famous "whats bunsen burning" show with a brand new show all about "willo's Weber" – Jono

TW: I go alright on the Weber so if they're looking for quality content, I'm all ears. I do miss 'Bunsen'.

Hi Tom, have you discovered any interesting talents or hobbies whilst in isolation? – Melissa

TW: I've been chipping golf balls and trying to do trick shots but it hasn't quite come off yet. I was inspired by Samo's TikTok account, clearly. I can cook up a storm on the Weber while I'll back myself with a puzzle.