THE MANDATE for Carlton’s 2020 Trade Period was clear: ready-made players with some leg speed and flexibility.

In the form of Zac Williams, Adam Saad and Lachie Fogarty, it looks as though Carlton did exactly that.

Head of List Management Nick Austin said the Blues were thrilled to add the trio to the Club for effectively pick No.8 and a second-round pick downgrade (No.30 to No.38).

Speaking to Carlton Media, Austin said the time was now to welcome in talent that was ready to go.

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Austin's take on Trade Period

Head of List Management Nick Austin spoke to Carlton Media to wrap up the Trade Period.

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“We’ve been to the draft for a number of years now. Part of our strategy was to target those ready-made players and a certain age bracket,” Austin said.

“A real focus in our strategy this year was to bring in some leg speed, to put some speed on the ball across all lines of the ground.

“To bring those three guys in the door is significant for our playing group. All three of these guys will add to our depth and our group.”

While the majority of the football world had their eyes on Deadline Day, Wednesday was the crucial day for Carlton supporters, with Saad and Fogarty joining Williams as new Blues.

Youngster Fogarty was the first cab off the rank, before Saad joined less than an hour later after a long negotiation with Essendon.

“Adam is a quality player and we’re so lucky that someone with his experience and talent has come through the door. With his speed, agility, ball-use and decision-making, he provides some flexibility along with the other boys we’ve brought through,” he said.

“Lachie is a quality person again, first and foremost: his attitude and character is first-class. His speed and his willingness to chase and hunt the footy and the man is top quality.”

The attention now turns to the 2020 NAB AFL Draft, with Carlton’s current hand sitting at picks Nos.38, 48 and 78.

Austin said the Club’s list management team would finalise its order and priorities in the coming weeks.

“The planning started a long time ago: it’s a different draft pool this year with Covid particularly impacting the Victorian boys,” he said.

“Mick Agresta and Paul Brodie do an outstanding job for our football club. There’s still some flexibility with trading those pick and the potential to move up is still there.

“Where we are, we’re back a little bit: we’ll formalise our order and figure out our priorities closer to the night.”