With the 2020 Trade Period now complete, Carlton is looking to the draft to complete its player movement portion of the year.

While list sizes and draft orders are still being confirmed, Head of List Management Nick Austin is comfortable with where the Blues currently sit in terms of their list.

Despite a busy trade period, Carlton had no players put their hand up to leave or be traded, which Austin determines as a very good sign for the culture of the Club.

“It’s a big tick for our culture and the environment that we’ve been able to create,” Austin said.

“Players want to stay here, and quality players and people want to come and join the footy club and play for Carlton.”

Crediting the work of the Senior Coach and administration for instilling a positive environment, Austin said the results were visible even to those outside the four walls of the Club.

“It’s a big tick for not only David Teague, but from Cain Liddle and Brad Lloyd down,” he said.

“The environment that we’ve got and the direction that we’re heading — not only do players inside the Club already believe in what we’re doing. but we’ve got players outside feeling like they can add to it as well.”

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Austin's take on Trade Period

Head of List Management Nick Austin spoke to Carlton Media to wrap up the Trade Period.

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