OLYMPIC Gold Medallist, Carlton gun and podcast extraordinaire.

Chloe Dalton has recently launched a podcast called ‘The Female Athlete Project’ which focuses on the different journeys that female athletes take.

When talking to the AFLPA website, Dalton detailed why she started the podcast and how her own journey to the Olympics influenced her.

“It was something that I thought about doing for a while and I love the idea of getting the chance to chat to other athletes, even for my own development,” Dalton said.

“The podcast is about interviewing Australia’s female athletes and having a bit of a chat to them about their stories and their journey.”

Dalton started by having her Rugby Sevens teammates on the show, knowing first-hand the kind of impact that they have had on female sport.

“Ellia [Green] and I have the common ground as well as having gone to the Olympics together in Rio, so it was cool to be able to have a chat about that as well and what that experience was like for us,” she said.

“Ellia is quite a well-known figure in the rugby world for her strength and power, but off-field she’s incredibly warm, lovely and genuine.

“I think there are people who wouldn’t really know that side of her.”

When asked about what the community can do to move towards more female recognition in sport, Dalton is hoping for more support from the lower levels of sport.

“I think that there’s a really big difference in the expectation that’s placed on female athletes for the level of funding, support, media coverage, training and all of these other elements that go into it compared to their male counterparts,” she said.

“I would love to see more support from the grassroots level, and we’ve seen that recently from an AFLW perspective.”

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