“THEY’RE three players that are going to make us better immediately.”

Luke Power knows a fair bit about some of the new faces which will be calling Carlton home in 2021 and beyond.

To go with Adam Saad, Carlton welcomed Zac Williams and Lachie Fogarty as a free agent and in a trade respectively a month ago. Having spent time at GWS with Williams and as coach of the AFL Academy when Fogarty was coming through, Power couldn’t have been quicker in vouching for the two new Blues.

On Williams, he said the former Giant had a fan from day one.

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Pre-season preview | Power's take on new recruits

Luke Power was quick to welcome two players he knows well to the Carlton Football Club: Zac Williams and Lachie Fogarty.

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“Kevin Sheedy from day one said ‘Geez, we’ve got a player here’: that was because of his decision-making and ability to use the ball,” Power told Carlton Media.

“Zac is terrific, he’s a terrific young man and a really exciting player. I think the recruitment of him and Adam shows supporters exactly how we want to play the game.

“They’re both tough, they’re great in the contest and we want to be able to move the ball quickly and play a really exciting brand of football that our members and supporters want to get behind. Those two players are definitely going to bring that.”

Fogarty may be more of an unknown quantity in the football world, considering he’s just 21 years of age with 23 games under his belt.

However, Power said that Fogarty - who was a member of the AFL Academy in 2017 - was someone who would be quick to earn the attention of the Carlton fanbase.

“Lachie Fogarty is just a beauty: you know what you’re going to get. He’s going to tackle, he’s very good in the clinches: you need to be so clean in the contest nowadays in AFL football and that would have to be the weapon of his game,” Power said.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing him come in and get a lot of opportunities this year. I feel that if he had have had them for the last couple of years, a lot of people would’ve been turning their heads.”

Power spoke to Carlton Media as part of a pre-season preview series ahead of next week’s return to training. For the full interview, watch the video in the player below.

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Pre-season preview | Luke Power

Head of Development Luke Power spoke to Carlton Media on his expectations for the pre-season ahead.

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