IT’S HAD a kettle bell, a plastic bag, training gear and a swimming pool. It’s also had accreditation, a mouthguard and a freezer.

But both Jess and Sarah Hosking know that when the opening siren rings at Ikon Park this Saturday, it’s all about four points.

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The Hosking Cup: Jess and Sarah speak to media

Jess and Sarah Hosking had a joint press conference on Wednesday ahead of this weekend's clash between Carlton and Richmond.

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For the first time ever, the twin sisters will be on opposing sides, with the revamped fixture in the AFLW competition seeing Carlton and Richmond do battle this weekend.

Having run out alongside one another in Navy Blue on 21 occasions, Jess is relishing the chance to welcome her sister to Ikon Park in the yellow and black.

“The week started not knowing that we were playing each other. I sent ’Sar’ a text in the middle of the game, so she would have got to her phone at the end of the game and found out that we were playing against each other,” Jess told media on Wednesday morning.

“I told I’d leave a pair of undies and pants on her bed, just in case she was crapping her dacks to play against Carlton.

“It started there and that was all kind of harmless, until it turned into proper pranks which ’Sar’ started off.”

That’s where the swimming pool and freezer come into the equation, with the promise of more to come.

When the initial fixture was announced in December, the first thing both sisters did was look for the round when the Blues and Tigers would do battle.

The initial disappointment turned into a roar of delight on Sunday when news came through of this weekend’s contest.

“I’m excited to have a battle against Jess and the old team,” Sarah said.

“I think the first time we ever had anything against each other was on trial days. For some reason, selectors always found it funny to put twins on each other and probably try and find out which one was better.

“That was probably the first chance we had to play against each other, but this will be the first game of anything where we’ve come head-to-head. Otherwise, we’ve always been on the same team.”

The chance to one-up the other is an absolute certainty in the Hosking household for the rest of the week, with Jess confirming that there was no doubt that bragging rights were there for the taking this Saturday at 3:10pm.

“I don’t think the other will hear the end of it until the next time we play each other,” Jess said.

“I’d probably say that each week leading into this round, we were probably giving away a bit of information about our teams because we weren’t going to be playing each other.

“The lips are sealed this week. I was trying to ask Sar how training was last night, and she gave me donuts.

However, there’s one thing that’s still up in the air: how exactly are they getting to the game on the weekend?

“We haven’t worked that out yet, we haven’t discussed it: we probably will drive in together if we have to get there at the same time. We can separate ourselves and save a bit of petrol,” Sarah said.

“I’ll drain all the petrol out of Sar’s car so she can’t make it to the game,” came Jess’ response. Bring it on.