David Teague spoke to the media ahead of their clash with Adelaide this Sunday. 

Here is what Teague had to say about the Blues. 

Teague on the external review: 

"We’ll focus on what’s happening inside the four walls. We understand that the review will occur soon and that’s what good organisations do. We’ll get some great feedback from it but we’ll keep focusing on what we can control right now and that’s about getting better and we have quite a few areas that we want to improve on."

Teague on tackling pressure: 

"It’s been a focus for a while; We haven’t been tackling well. We went in and won the ground balls by over 15, so our desire to go in and win the ball was good but probably our desire to get balance around that number on the outside for the guys who weren't winning the ball, we need to get better with our contest decisions. Our go to at the moment is to try harder to win the ball, we need to have the same intent and emphasis on getting them and tackling them when they win the ball."

Teague on players pushing for selection: 

"I thought Sam Petrevski-Seton, Josh Honey, Lochie O’Brien and Tom Williamson showed a bit of better form on the weekend. We still have a lot of players that we believe in on this list. We want them at their best when they come in, that’s the challenge, AFL footy is tough, it’s hard to play, so ideally they are in really good form. Some clubs have players missing that are putting together four or five really good weeks and they can’t get an opportunity and ideally that’s the position we’ll be in: We’ll be in a really strong position going forward and we’ll have players who have to work really hard to try and break into the side."

Teague on keeping energy levels high: 

"We try to keep it fun. We played soccer earlier in the week, that’s not new, that’s something we do regularly. We try and keep the energy up and probably one of the hard things for our players is the energy on the track and the intensity that train at has been quite solid and it’s not translating into game-day performances and I think that is creating a frustration that we’re not getting the results we want on a weekend. How to get better is to train hard and this group has been training hard, so that gives me confidence that we’ll turn.

"Do I wish it had turned earlier? Do I wish we were playing our best football right now? Of course I do but we’re not, so what we can control is our actions and the way we go about our training, the way we educate and review the games and then come the weekend, no one wants to hear the words I’ve got to say, they want to see the performance on the oval and that’s our job: to put out a performance our fans are proud of."

Teague on Sam Docherty's role: 

"Sam’s going through a stage of great growth, playing through a couple of different positions. He’s got a couple of focus areas and we’ve seen him work really hard on the training track in that area. When your captain is owning areas of the game that he wants to get better at and work on, his teammates are seeing it. That’s the culture and these are things you know that if you keep doing, the fortunes will turn and that gives me confidence that we’re going to turn at some stage. All we can control is our effort and the way we go about it."

Teague on playing freely:

"When we play free and instinctively and they get at their opponents and they tackle, win the ball and they spread off the back of it and defend hard, I know we’re a good football team. Words are words and we need to show with actions."

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Teague previews Crows

Senior Coach David Teague spoke to the media ahead of the Round 15 clash with Adelaide.

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