BACK by popular demand, it's talking Gibber.... hang on a second.

It's a hosting switch-up for the second episode of Carlton's newest podcast, with Jack Silvagni taking Michael Gibbons' place for the episode two of Talking SOS-Fish.

From soggy Weet-Bix to the conspiracy theories, episode two certainly is a journey.

Get up to speed with the second episode now.

0:10: Welcome back to talking Gibber… wait, scratch that. Talking SOS-Fish! Jack Silvagni is in the host chair for the podcast’s second instalment.

0:40: EDDIEBETTS! It’s a big get for a first podcast guest of the year as we welcome Eddie to the studio.

1:20: Sometimes the harshest critic is the one in your own home: Eddie shares his son Lewis' choice feedback on his dad’s performance.

3:30: Uproar in the change rooms following last week's five a-side soccer picks, so let’s keep the good times rolling: it’s five a-side basketball!

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Talking Gibber-Fish | Basketball draft

Co-host Zac Fisher, along side fill-in co-host Jack Silvagni and guest Eddie Betts draft their basketball teams from current and former teammates.

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13:30: The man, the myth, the legend: But what makes Eddie Betts tick off the field?

14:30: Alright, spill. Holding or Play On is back for its second instalment. This week our hosts debate the merit of soggy Weet-Bix, spending a pretty penny on FIFA upgrades and swimming in your footy boots.

20:20: ‘Rumour file: is there Just For Men floating around in the Betts household?’

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Talking Gibber-Fish | Conspiracy theories

Zac Fisher, Jack Silvagni and Eddie Betts discuss some of the most prominent conspiracy theories going around.

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20:50: Back by popular demand, ‘Fish’ is armed with a host of new conspiracy theories, but ‘SOS’ remains unconvinced.

22:00: “The aliens built the pyramids, I’m dinkum on that.”

26:00: Time outside of Earth in Episode 2: Five minutes

“Antarctica is a ring around the earth, like a big wall, and there’s raptors behind there.”

- Zac Fisher, 2021

28:00: Kick from the Junction is back! But the integrity of the competition has been thrown into disarray. 

32:00: Introducing our newest segment, The Rick-ter Scale! Affectionately named after skipper Patrick Cripps. 

34:20: Game time, ‘Baggers: a look at the match ahead.