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History behind the numbers

Jack honours family tradition Jack Silvagni spoke to Carlton Media after taking up the number one guernsey, made famous by his father and grandfather.

With the Blues revealing their new 2017 player numbers, here's a look at the history of the 14 numbers that have new keepers:

No.1 - Jack Silvagni

For the third time in history, Carlton’s No.1 guernsey will be inherited by a Silvagni. No.1 was recently vacated when Andrew Walker called an end to his 202-game career, allowing the Silvagni tradition to live on through 18-year old Jack. The No.1 has been made famous by four Carlton Hall of Fame members, including star centre half-forward of the 1920s Horrie Clover, former inspirational captain Ken Hands, club legend Sergio Silvagni and full-back of the century Stephen Silvagni. 

Guernsey record holder: Stephen Silvagni (312 games)

Hall of Fame: Stephen Silvagni (Legend), Sergio Silvagni (Legend), Ken Hands, Horrie Clover

Premiership players: Billy Dick, Frank Anderson, Ken Hands, Sergio Silvagni, Greg Wells, Stephen Silvagni

Best-and-fairest players: Stephen Silvagni, Sergio Silvagni, Ken Hands, Horrie Clover

100-game players: Fred Elliott, Billy Dick, Horrie Clover, Frank Anderson, Ken Hands, Sergio Silvagni, Stephen Silvagni, Andrew Walker

Stephen Silvagni, Carlton's games record holder for the No.1. (Photo: AFL Media)

No.5 - Sam Petrevski-Seton

History was made when the the No.5 guernsey was pulled on for the first time in 1911 by Carlton defender Dick Harris. Since its maiden year, No.5 has seen five players surpass the 100-game milestone, including Harry Haughton, indigenous champion Syd Jackson, Ken Sheldon, three-time best-and-fairest winner Chris Judd and 1995 premiership defender Andrew McKay. The 2017 season will see the number live on, with No.6 draft pick Sam Petrevski-Seton set to make his mark in the famous No.5.

Guernsey record holder: Andrew McKay (244 games) 

Hall of Fame: Syd Jackson, Ken Sheldon, Andrew McKay

Premiership players: Harry Haughton, Brighton Diggins, Lance Collins, George Bailey, Syd Jackson, Ken Sheldon, Andrew McKay

Best-and-fairest players: Andrew McKay, Chris Judd

100-game players: Harry Haughton, Syd Jackson, Ken Sheldon, Chris Judd, Andrew McKay

The great Chris Judd is the last Carlton player to have worn the No.5. (Photo: AFL Media)

No.16 - Billie Smedts

2017 will see new Blue Billie Smedts inherit the No.16 guernsey made famous before him by club greats Jim Buckley and Scott Camporeale. Buckley debuted in the number 16 as the equal youngest Carlton player in history. The number’s prestige was elevated by 1995 premiership player and current guernsey record holder Scott Camporeale (233 games).

Guernsey record holder: Scott Camporeale (233 games)

Hall of Fame: Jim Buckley, Scott Camporeale

Premiership players: Charlie Hammond, Jim Mooring, Brian Kekovich, Jim Buckley, Scott Camporeale

Best-and-fairest players: Jim Mooring, Jim Buckley, Scott Camporeale

100-game players: Billy Payne, Charlie Hammond, Jim Mooring, Maurie Sankey, Jim Buckley, Scott Camporeale

No.22 - Caleb Marchbank

The No.22 guernsey was kept for 12 years by Carlton legend Harry 'Soapy' Vallence. Vallence’s 722 goals during his 13-year career ranks him second in the Blues' all-time goalkickers. At the other end of the ground, former premiership defenders Robbert Klomp and Glenn Manton wore the No.22 with distinction. Former Giant Caleb Marchbank has been given the honour of wearing the No.22 in his debut season.

Guernsey record holder: Harry Vallence (204 games)

Hall of Fame: Harry Vallence (Legend)

Premiership players: Bill Cook, Harry Vallence, Neil Chandler, Robbert Klomp, Ian Aitken, Glenn Manton

100-game players: Glenn Manton, Harry Vallence

No.24 - Rhys Palmer

Ron Savage and Matthew Allan were two names that defined the No.24 guernsey for Carlton. A premiership player and best-and-fairest winner in 1945, Savage wore the number over his eight-year career that saw him reach 100 games in 1945. Rhys Palmer has now been given the chance to write his own history in the No.24 guernsey.

Guernsey record holder: Matthew Allan (140 games)

Premiership players: Charlie Hammond, Billy Robinson, Ron Savage

Best-and-fairest players: Matthew Allan, Ron Savage

100-game players: Ron Savage, Matthew Allan, Nick Stevens

No.25 - Zac Fisher

The 100-game milestone has been surpassed by four keepers of the No.25 guernsey, including Jim Baird, George Ferry, Alex Jesaulenko and Brendan Fevola. Carlton legend Jesaulenko made the No.25 iconic throughout his 256-game career that saw him go down as one of the league's greatest-ever players. First-year player Zac Fisher becomes the 32nd player in Carlton history to be the keeper of the No.25 guernsey.

Guernsey record holder: Alex Jesaulenko (256 games)

Hall of Fame: Jim Baird, Alex Jesaulenko (Legend)

Premiership players: Alf Baud, Jim Baird, Alex Jesaulenko

Best-and-fairest players: Alex Jesaulenko

100-game players: Jim Baird, George Ferry, Alex Jesaulenko, Brendan Fevola

Alex Jesaulenko made the No.25 iconic. (Photo: AFL Media)

No.26 - Harrison Macreadie

No.47 draft pick Harrison Macreadie is set to join 33 former players that have represented Carlton in the No.26 guernsey. Among them is 1951 best-and-fairest winner and youngest member of the 1945 premiership side, Jim Clark. More recently, the No.26 was taken to the 1987 grand final by premiership player, Norm Smith Medallist and Carlton Hall of Fame great David Rhys-Jones. Macreadie will pull on the No.26 guernsey with champions before him to look up to. 

Guernsey record holder: Jim Clark (161 games)

Hall of Fame: Jim Clark, David Rhys-Jones

Premiership players: George Calwell, Jim Park, Jim Clark, David Rhys-Jones

Best-and-fairest players: Jim Clark

100-game players: Ray Brew, Jim Park, Jim Clark, David Rhys-Jones 

No.29 - Cameron Polson

After two years without featuring in a Carlton game, the No.29 has a new keeper in 18-year-old midfielder Cameron Polson. In Carlton’s history, 37 players have been given this honour, most recently Heath Scotland. With 215 games, Scotland is the Blues' games record holder for the No.29, as well the only player in the No.29 club to have won the John Nicholls Medal.

Guernsey record holders: Heath Scotland (215 games)

Premiership players: Jimmy Morris, Allan Greenshields

Best-and-fairest players: Heath Scotland

100-game players: Simon Beaumont, Heath Scotland

Heath Scotland holds the record for the most Carlton games played in the No.29. (Photo: AFL Media)

No.31 - Tom Williamson

The No.31 guernsey was made famous by 1987 premiership player Tom Alvin, while the legendary Rob Barassi wore the number for 50 Carlton games. Inducted into Carlton's Hall of Fame in 1999, Alvin remains one of the Blues' greatest-ever utility players. First-year midfielder Tom Williamson is set to become the 27th Blue to pull on the No.31.

Guernsey record holder: Tom Alvin (218 games)

Hall of Fame: Tom Alvin

Premiership players: Charlie McInnes, Tom Alvin

Best-and-fairest players: Ansell Clarke

100-game players: Ansell Clarke, Charlie McInnes, Tom Alvin 

No.33 - Jarrod Pickett

Jarrod Pickett will be looking to make his mark in the No.33 - a number aligned with four Carlton premiership players including Peter McConville and Matthew Hogg. Hogg played 144 games for the Blues which included three grand finals, awarded Best Clubman in 1996. The mercurial Ryan Houlihan also provided no shortage of highlights in the No.33. Pickett will take to 2017 with history to uphold.

Guernsey record holder: Ryan Houlihan (201 games)

Hall of Fame: Peter McConville

Premiership players: Ritchie Green, Paul Hurst, Peter McConville, Matthew Hogg

100-game players: Peter McConville, Matthew Hogg, Ryan Houlihan

No.36 - Patrick Kerr

Triple premiership player Mark Maclure took to the field 243 times in the No.36 guernsey between 1974 and 1986, serving as captain in his final year. Just 15 players have run out in Carlton’s No.36, with Cameron Wood being the most recent. No.65 draft pick Patrick Kerr, the grandson of Carlton Hall of Famer Laurie Kerr, will begin the next chapter in his family story in the No.36.

Guernsey record holder: Mark Maclure (243 games)

Hall of Fame: Mark Maclure

Premiership players: Peter McLean, Mark Maclure

100-game players: Mark Maclure

No.40 - Jesse Glass-McCasker

Michael Jamison played 150 games spanning nine years in the No.40 guernsey. Jamison took the number that had only been worn by 12 Carlton players before him, and made it his own. After a career that saw him become the first player to reach the 100-game milestone in the No.40, the recent retiree has passed on his number to mentee Jesse Glass-McCasker.

Guernsey record holder: Michael Jamison (150 games)

Premiership players: Scott Howell

100-game players: Michael Jamison

No.42 - Kym LeBois

Carlton great Robert Walls launched his career in the No.42 guernsey, a career that began at the age of 16 and ended with thre premierships. Irishman Zach Tuohy became the second player in Carlton history to reach the 100-game milestone in the No.42, but with his departure to Geelong, 2017 offers the opportunity for new rookie Kym LeBois to create his own legacy in the number.

Guernsey record holder: Robert Walls (218 games)

Premiership players: Robert Walls

Hall of Fame: Robert Walls

100-game players: Robert Walls, Zach Tuohy

No.44 - Alex Silvagni

Between 1983 and 1997, the No.44 guernsey was worn with distinction by Carlton Hall of Famer Justin 'Harry' Madden. The 287-game ruckman was a dual premiership and best-and-fairest winner and cult hero. Andrew Carrazzo is the only other Blue to have surpassed 100 games in the No.44, and after a one-year hiatus, the number returns with former Docker Alex Silvagni the new keeper.

Guernsey record holder: Justin Madden (287 games)

Hall of Fame: Justin Madden

Premiership players: Justin Madden

Best-and-fairest winners: Justin Madden, Andrew Carrazzo

100-game players: Justin Madden, Andrew Carrazzo

Two-time premiership player Justin Madden brought fame to the No.44. (Photo: AFL Media)

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