MORE competition, more chemistry, more connection.

In the first instalment of an 18-team AFLW competition, Mua Laloifi is looking forward to the day when her Carlton team can take on each and every team in a season.

With three rounds gone in a 10-game campaign, Laloifi - speaking on the Can You Be More Pacific? podcast - said the prospect of a 17-game season plus a finals campaign was something which the wider competition continues to have an eye on.

And while the Blues have played two new teams in the space of the last two weeks, Laloifi said a full season would provide complete clarity on the best of the best.


“For the AFLW, more games would help and that just means people have to invest in it,” Laloifi said.

“I’d love to say each team play every team once and then a finals series. I think it’s getting there but at the moment it’s slowly building.

“If you lose the first couple, you’re in that mindset of falling behind and when a team hasn’t really jelled or hasn’t played a lot of games together, it is a little bit challenging.”

For Laloifi, the Blues are making strides as a group with each week providing new opportunities to build their connection.

“At the moment, we’re getting there as a squad.

“We’re just trying to jell together and the only way to do that is to play more games. It’s looking good, I’m really excited by the group that we’ve got and we’re building something pretty special.”

With three seasons at AFLW level under her belt, Laloifi has naturally adopting a nurturing approach with the group’s younger players.

“I think I just naturally give my advice to the young ones that come through,” she said.

“For us older players, we don’t really need the title to be a leader – especially in footy. You’ve got lines and if you don’t have a leader in there, you’ve got to step up and show your experience and nurture those young kids that are coming through because at the end of the day, you’re going to need to rely on everyone on the list to pull through and play their role.”


The next challenge for the Blues awaits in Western Australia, with the Blues set to face Fremantle on Saturday afternoon.

“They’re in similar boat as us, having lost a couple of experienced players and they’ve got some young talent that are on the rise,” she said.

“I think we’ll go in expecting a really physical game – Freo are always a high tackle and pressure team, with Kiara Bowers leading the way.

“We’re just going to trust our process and finish off the week strong.”