EVER wanted a podcast that talks about Michael Voss’ stance on leadership, humility, Pepsi Maxes and Richard Hadley?

Well boy oh boy do we have just the episode for you.

It’s been a long time coming (he’s not upset about it, we promise), but the AFL Senior Coach has finally joined the Summer Sessions podcast at the 21st time of asking.

For a tick over 40 minutes, enjoy everything in the world according to Vossy.

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts.

0:25 - He’s a cool dad, he’s a fun coach. Welcome to Summer Sessions, Michael Voss (we’ve kept the people waiting a while).

1:00 - A karaoke song referencing a Pie sung by a Don? Come on, Vossy.

2:10 - Heading to the tennis, watching Robbie Williams and “going way back” with Tom Brady. Vossy’s been busy. But good busy.

3:45 - Vossy managed to do a bit of study during his break, and he’s got some ice hockey-inspired drills to prove it. He assures us it’s not biff-related.

5:30 - It’s been a big pre-season for Vossy, and he’s been putting in the work . . . when it comes to his gags at press conferences, that is.

9:30 - A key component of this pre-season has been the players taking more ownership, and Vossy has been more than happy to observe.

11:10 - Consistency is key. Whodathunkit. Vossy speaks on what his team have been going after this pre-season — and he reckons Matt Owies has slightly exaggerated with his prediction about the coach’s meetings.

12:40 - It’s probably not a word that was thrown around a whole lot when referring to Carlton in past years: what does humility look like in a football club, according to Vossy?

15:30 - “I’m comfortable saying we’re in a better place”.

15:35 - It’s what we’re here for, we don’t know about you. Vossy runs through his answers to our favourite pre-season cliches, with some new Blues getting a lot of love.

17:30 - Could Patrick Cripps or Matthew Kennedy be set for more time up forward? It’s unclear. Just like it’s unclear whether they’ll kick seven in a game like Vossy once did.

18:30 - It was an open-ended question, but when it came to what Vossy has learned about the footy club since arriving, it’s all about the fanbase.

21:00 - Vossy’s trust in his coaching staff has enabled him to coach from the bench, and while it’s been beneficial from a footy standpoint, it’s also provided some of the great celebration footage we’ll ever see. “I love winning.”

25:00 - “If I can be serious for a moment” — that’s what the podcast is for, Vossy. We’re not all about the fun and games. The coach gives a great answer about enjoying the wins in his second stint as a senior coach.

26:30 - Righto, now onto the serious stuff. Game-day lollies first — Vossy feels short-changed.

27:15 - Draft night was nearly thrown into disarray when staunch Pepsi Max man Michael Voss was told that only the full-strength stuff was available. But not nearly as much disarray as when a young Vossy made scrambled eggs on national television.

29:30 - Tomato sauce and WHAT?

31:00 - It’s one of the great mysteries that finally has an answer. Michael Voss, on the record, recounts how he got into IKON Park undetected by media cameras the day he was appointed.

34:00 - We can never be accused of shirking the big issues on the Summer Sessions podcast. Is Vossy going back to the future? The answer may surprise you. 

35:00 - A former Brisbane premiership teammate of Vossy’s that ended up calling Carlton home? We can only be talking about one man.

35:45 - Childhood Bluebagger Michael Voss runs through his Mount Rushmore of favourite Blues. Half of them have just happened to join the team breakfasts in recent weeks, what a coincidence.

37:00 - Vossy fell in love with the story of the Springboks, and it inspired a key part of Carlton’s own resurgence in 2023.

40:00 - Why does Vossy coach?