DEFENSIVE coach Dale Amos couldn’t have been more glowing in his praise of Sam Docherty.

With Carlton having returned for training in 2020, the co-captain has made a return to full training and is leading by example at Ikon Park.

Amos has seen the behind-the-scenes impact of Docherty more than most, with the skipper spending the last two seasons working with the coaching group.

Speaking to Carlton Media, Amos said the 26-year-old was a role model both on and off the field.

“He’s in fantastic shape… he’s training as well as anyone and he’s back in full training,” Amos said.

“He’s been really influential within the playing group, which has forced him to find ways to influence things not just with his on-field stuff.

“We’re really excited about what he’s going to produce over the coming weeks.”

A central conversation around Docherty’s work off the field in the past two years has been about how it translates on it.

Amos said the application of Docherty into his own development and that of his teammates has shone through.

“Everybody knows what he’s able to do out there [on the ground], but his growth has come in the off-field space and how much he has influenced other players,” he said.

“There are guys like Jacob Weitering, as well as Nic Newman who came in fresh last year. He had a significant impact on those guys.

“His growth has come from not being able to play: his leadership has grown because he hasn’t been able to play.”