THE Behind the Game Changers podcast is back for another week with a special guest!

She may have won an Olympic Gold Medal, but nothing will prepare Chloe Dalton for what host Sarah Hosking has in store for her on this week of the podcast.

The two get together to talk about the season so far, this week’s Carlton Respects Game and Chloe’s pursuit for more Olympic glory.

Episode guide:

0:42: Sarah and Chloe review the Blues’ performance as we pass over the halfway mark of the year.

3:00: An important game for an important cause. Chloe speaks about this weekend’s Carlton Respects Game and her involvement as an ambassador for the initiative.

5:20: Empowering the future. How Carlton Respects looks to change the narrative through education.

9:30: Born where?! Sarah dives into Chloe’s younger years growing up in Singapore and Sydney.

11:40: A talented junior athlete, Dalton reflects on her time playing basketball (even if it was as a benchwarmer).

14:20: Inspired by Cathy Freeman, Dalton talks about how a childhood dream to win an Olympic Gold Medal drove her to rugby.

16:35: An easy-to-follow guide of the difference between rugby union and rugby league.

18:00: If you ever wanted to know how to make an Olympic Rugby Sevens team, this is where you need to tune in.

20:30: “A pretty cool experience.” Chloe reflects on her time at the Rio games.

23:00: We go again. How Chloe is balancing her AFLW season with her preparations for Tokyo 2020. And yes, the training does involve Maccas runs.

28:00: Quickfire questions, quickfire answers.

29:30: Chloe predicts the wins and losses ahead of Round 5.

30:45: A bit of word association as Chloe opens up about her teammates.

33:30: Changing attitudes around what female athletes and what women can do. This is what being a Game Changer means to Chloe Dalton.