What will be built?

Construction will take place within the existing footprint and will include:

  • Fully integrated AFLW and AFL changerooms
  • Integrated and expanded medical rooms
  • Indoor all-purpose training facility
  • New match-day facilities 
  • New unisex Umpire changerooms
  • Broadcast lighting
  • Expanded education spaces
  • Allied Health Centre
  • Landscaping and improved connection into Princes Park along the western and southern boundaries of Ikon Park

Why is the Carlton Football Club undertaking this project?

This significant redevelopment will allow the opportunity to support the increase in demand to service the Club’s combined football programs and the wider community, with opportunities available to inspire and develop the next generation of female sporting talent.

In 2018 and 2019, the Carlton Football Club was successful in securing State and Federal funding to upgrade the existing facilities at IKON Park. The significant investment has allowed the opportunity to support the increase in demand to service the Club’s combined football programs and the wider community, with opportunities available to inspire and develop the next generation of female sporting talent, consolidating IKON Park as the home of women’s football and the long-term base of the Carlton Football Club.

Will the community have access to the facility? 

The community will have access to the Allied Health Centre, café and museum/memorabilia area, which will include unique views to the high-performance areas of the football club. Members of the public will also be able to make use of and hire the function space with views of the city and over the playing field.

Will the community have access to the pool/gym/indoor field or any other performance space?

Due to the high level of utilisation by the AFL, AFLW, VFL, VFLW and elite under-age competitions, the ability to provide regular access to the community is not possible.

If the project has public funding, why can't the community access the entire facility? 

The purpose of State and Federal funding is to provide improved facilities for pathway and elite programs, notably around women’s football and coaching.

The project will also deliver improved spectator amenities, including a new entry from Royal Parade.

How tall will the light towers be? 

The current designs have the light towers at 53 metres in height.

For reference: 

  • MCG light towers - 85m
  • GMHBA Stadium - 73m

Will this shine into my house/business?

A significant amount of time and care has been taken with the design of the sport lights.

They will use the latest LED technology that ensures each lamp is focused onto the field, with minimal spill away from the playing surface.

The design will comply with the Australian Standards that control obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting, which means light falling on nearby resident’s properties is minimised and will not appear overly bright, when viewed from afar.

The proposed lighting solution will be a vast improvement over the current temporary towers used during the AFLW season. Not only will it improve the broadcast quality and athlete experience, but it will also reduce the impact to local surrounds.

How often will the lights be used?

Training lights will be used most weeknight evenings throughout the football season, just as they are now.

Broadcast lighting will be used far less and predominately for matches within the AFLW season.

Will the current on grade car park be returned to park land? 

It is proposed that a number of car parks be removed to improve the connection between IKON Park and Princes Park and improve the amenities in this space. The project team is still working with the CoM to determine the best course of action.

Where will the works occur?

The works will occur at the western and southern side of IKON Park. Works will largely occur within the existing footprint of the main administration building and Pratt Stand.

What is the timeline for the work? 

Internal works commenced November 2020 and it is anticipated that the works will be completed by mid-2022.

Are there plans to develop IKON Park further?

The Project will focus on works within and surrounding the existing main building and the demolition of the Pratt Stand. There are no further plans at this stage.

Are any works proposed within Princes Park?

The Carlton Football Club is currently working with the City of Melbourne (the land manager for Princes Park) in relation to opportunities for improving safety and access within Princes Park.

The redevelopment of the Pratt Stand and main administration building will also improve IKON Park’s presentation to Princes Park and will improve the integration between IKON Park and Princes Park.

Where can I find more information?

Should you have any questions regarding the project please email -  Ikon.Park.Redvelopment@carltonfc.com.au