*This podcast was recorded prior the fixture change* 

June. Darce. Jess Dal Pos. A trio of former Darebin Falcons who have found their way back to IKON Park and into a recording studio. 

Enjoy three old pals catching up, discussing life in Melbourne and the Pride Round. 

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts from. 

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BTGC S3 Episode 8 | Jess Dal Pos

Darebin Falcon teammates are reunited on this week's episode of Behind the Game Changers, with new Blue Jess Dal Pos joining June and Darce in the studio. Tune in to hear how Dal is enjoying life back in Melbourne, her time at IKON Park as well as...

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0:32 - Introducing Jess Dal Pos (Dal), who has been locked in for the pod since she touched down in Melbourne. 

1:48 - How is Dal liking life as a ‘Bagger?

3:20 - Dal has moved into a ‘madhouse’ with a few pals and a couple of dogs. 

4:20 - NSW life is pretty different (chill) to the Victoria craziness. 

7:05 - Dal doesn’t have too much time for nonsense, especially from her puppy. 

7:50 - Reconnecting and refreshing with her mates in Melbourne. 

9:05 - Dal could’ve missed her football opportunity if it wasn’t for her dad. 

11:28 - What drew Dal to footy and what does she love about it? 

16:05 - Believe it or not, the traffic is better in Melbourne but the drivers are worse. 

19:05 - *Checks notes* don’t tell Dal’s parents that she missed them. 



28:50 - Pride Round, we’re excited. 

33:20 - Thank you for sending fan questions, especially all of Dal’s pals. 

41:16 - The tables have turned and Dal gets to quiz June and Darce. *Wholesome content alert*