“WE’RE going to look as it as an opportunity.”

Carlton co-captain Patrick Cripps said the playing group was optimistic and embracing of the relocation to the Gold Coast hub.

It was announced on Friday that the Blues would head to the Gold Coast for at least the first stage of the 32-day period away from Melbourne.

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Cripps optimistic on challenge ahead

Co-captain Patrick Cripps discusses moving into a Gold Coast hub.

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While acknowledging that there would be difficulties that came with it, Cripps said the hub was being looked at as a positive for performance and culture.

“We know the objective is to go up there and win as many games of footy as we can,” Cripps said.

“It’s unusual, it has happened pretty quickly. There’s a lot of footy stuff we can grow and get chemistry with the way we play, and learn more about each other’s games.

“You can take it two ways, you can either see the positives or negatives: we’ll definitely take the positive approach.”

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Lloyd: Once in a lifetime opportunity

Head of Football Brad Lloyd gives the latest information on the teams move to a Gold Coast hub.

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Cripps said the already tight-knit playing group would rally around each other in the month without family and friends.

“It’s really about embracing the situation we’re in: we can’t control a lot of the things that are happening at the moment,” he said.

“We’re there to support each other, the Club is fantastic with the support network around us.

“We don’t know the situation we’re going to be in and we’re going to roll with the punches… there’ll be challenges but the group as a whole is pretty excited.”