"We are but passing through"  - John Nicholls

We have the responsibility to ensure future generations have the opportunity to be part of this historic club and what it means to be Navy Blue. 

That is why the Carlton Football Club established its bequest program, 'Blues Forever' to forever ensure our children, grandchildren and generations to come, can continue to be part of something great and create their own cherished Carlton memories. 

Supporters and members alike have been a driving force in forging the magnificent history of the Carlton Football Club. The Club invites you to consider extending that support by becoming a member of the Carlton bequest program, 'Blues Forever'. 

What is the bequest program?

Carlton's bequest program, 'Blues Forever', is focused on the advancement and development of the Carlton Football Club to provide enjoyment for current and future generations of Blues supporters. 

By providing the funding for player development, state-of-the-art facilities and sports science equipment, Blues Forever members will influence the development of our players to ensure generations of Carlton supporters enjoy the same wonderful experiences have had for more that 150 years. 

Member benefits: 

As a member of Blues Forever, you will receive: 

- Blues Forever honourary lapel pin

- Blues Forever honourary certificate

- Two unique Blues Forever newsletters per-annum

- Invitations to regular social gatherings sponsored by the Club

To find out more and to get involved please contact Georgina Levvey via email on georgina.levvey@carltonfc.com.au.