The Carlton Cheersquad is about being part of a group of people, from all walks of life, from every background, nationality, culture who all have one thing in common – they LOVE the Navy Blues!

It is a group of people who are inclusive of everyone who supports this great club that is steeped in the history of the sport that is Australian Rules Football.

If you love the ‘Baggers, then being part of the Cheer Squad is not just a right, but a privilege. To be a part of the making of the banners that the players in both the women’s and the men’s teams run through; to be part of a group that chant during the matches and sing the praise of their players, you are surrounded by like-minded supporters who love the Carlton Football Club.

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President: Jovan Kurilic – 0403 198 323


Website: https://www.carltoncheersquad.com.au/

Facebook: @CFCCheersquad https://www.facebook.com/CFCCheersquad/

Instagram: @carltoncheersquad