MEET 'Chez': the Liverpool-supporting new Blue whose family comes from Calabria in the south of Italy. 

There were plenty of wide-ranging topics on the agenda when Adam Cerra, in his first day at IKON Park, answered fan questions from social media after his big move. 

Here's just a collection of them: you can view the full Q&A in the player below. 


How excited are you at the thought of debuting Round 1 at the MCG, with probably over 70,000 people there?

I’m very excited. I remember going as a kid and I would have butterflies sitting in the crowd because of how packed it was and the atmosphere the game would have. Thinking about playing in those games - not just in Round 1, but all of the big games Carlton has throughout the year - really excites me. 

Who are the hardest players you’ve had to play on?

I’d say the big-bodied midfielders. They don’t get much bigger than Patty Cripps, than what we’ve got here. Another one is Marcus Bontempelli. Being that size inside the contest as a midfielder gives them such an advantage and they’re pretty hard to manipulate.

What excites you most about playing for Carlton?

There’s a very rich history here: it’s obviously walking around the Club. How big the Club is, the fanbase, the community — playing for that. It’s also an exciting group that they’ve developed here and I think it’s about to explode personally. I can’t wait to be a part of that and get to work with everyone. 

Have you forgiven Jack Newnes?

I’ll have to over pre-season. It’s only pretty fresh since I’ve started wearing this polo, but I’ll adjust when seeing him on a daily basis I reckon.



How does moving clubs feel and how do you introduce yourself after playing against some of your new teammates?

It feels like I’m moving schools almost, starting fresh: it’s a bit overwhelming at first. Personally, I don’t think it has fully sunk in yet, but once it does I can’t wait to be part of it, feel involved and call myself a Carlton Football Club player. It still sounds funny, but I'm really excited.

Are you excited to be at Carlton under Michael Voss as the new coach?

Very excited. I’ve spoken to ‘Vossy’ probably three or four times and I’ve heard really good things about him. To work with someone that’s stepping into a new club as well, I feel like we can go through this journey together. I really like what his focuses are and how he wants the game to be played. I think with this group, we can really jell together with him and hopefully be successful.


Have you met any of the boys yet?

I have. I’ve met probably 20 boys at the club [on Monday] morning. They’ve welcomed me, I feel, with open arms and it has made my transition a lot smoother and easier. I can’t wait to keep coming back in and building those relationships. 

Who was your favourite Carlton player growing up?

I always loved watching Kade Simpson growing up. He’s a fellow Eastern Ranges player. He’s a courageous player, really good ball use, a great runner and he was someone I liked to watch.