THE FIRST episode of Behind the Game Changers season 3 is here! 

Mimi Hill has taken over as co-host to Brooke Walker after the departing of Jess Hosking. 

In the first episode, Walker, Darcy Vescio and Elise O'Dea (June) get to know Hill and discuss what lies ahead for the upcoming season: in the podcasting and football world. 

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BTGC S3 | Episode 1

The podcast panel kicks off season 3 of the Behind The Game Changers podcast. The newest host, Mimi Hill, joins the existing team in Brooke Walker, Darcy Vescio and Elise O'Dea. Pre-season has just kicked off so the team covers the off-season stor...

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Episode guide: 

0:06 - The girls introduce their newest co-host and discuss how she landed her new role. 

2:00 - Darcy brings up the elephant in the room: The 11-year age gap between June and Mim. Darce also admits to some technological struggles while June admits she has a 'geriatric' area in the change-rooms. 

5:10 - Getting to know Mim. Mimi discusses recovering from an ACL injury and her first season in the AFLW. 

10:30 - Mimi delves into her one true love: creating 'really indie' Spotify playlists. Brooke suggests Dua Lipa as a great 'sad girl' track. 

11:45 - Hair up or down? Mim has learnt her lesson from having a 'dread knot' that left her 'bad, sad and mad'. 

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BTGC Podcast | Walker's online shopping mishap

Brooke Walker has had some interesting online shopping experiences while in lockdown.

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13:15 - Who would Mim love to interview on the podcast and how did she put Brooke Vickers into her place? 

14:05 - Hangers and Clangers are back. To switch things up, the girls start with their biggest clanger of the off season. 

19:18 - June starts off the Hangers by sharing her love for the new facilities, plus the 'goss' on a big off-season get. 

27:15 - Who are going to be the 'big fish' to catch on the podcast in 2022? 

29:30 - The girls give some predictions on the upcoming season, including their vote for 'breakout 'Bagger'. (Keep your eye on the Trudge.)

32:05 - New year calls for new segments. Both duos have ideas for their new segments on their individual shows feat. Darcy getting savage. 

36:18 - June closes the meeting. See you soon.