Training gallery season

The first of many. Bliss. 

Insight from the new Senior Coach

Head into a mic'd up Michael Voss' first team meeting with the players.

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Mic'd Up | Voss on day one of pre-season

AFL Senior Coach Michael Voss is wired for sound during the first day of the 2022 pre-season.

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Good to see good people


The battles that pre-season throws up

Not the first time that a Charles and a Harry have clashed in 2021. 

Why the long faces?

Just wait until Ed Curnow returns.

Brodie Kemp, man of the people

The young Blue answers fans' questions leading into his third pre-season.

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Brodie Kemp answers fans' questions

In the latest edition of the People's Presser, Brodie Kemp joined Carlton Media to discuss the serious (and not-so-serious) questions surrounding pre-season.

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The cheek from the King

All about this.

Stock photos


And then, there's the draft

Jesse Motlop first up. Sheesh.

Let's not forget Dom


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Highlights | Domanic Akuei in action

Enjoy some of the best the highlights of Domanic Akuei, a product of the Northern Knights and Carlton Academy.

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Two proud parents

Right in the feels. 

Dom's dream just getting started

Our first-ever Carlton Academy recruit was right in the swing of things.

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Akuei arrives at IKON Park

Back in familiar territory, this is what Dom Akuei had to say after officially becoming a Blue.

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And now, week two. 

Let's get into it.