THE 2022 season has come to an end for our AFLW side, as has the Behind the Game Changers podcast. 

We attempted a massive feat to bring you the season review: Mim and Brooke in the studio and June and Darce at home in isolation... technical difficulties definitely ensued. 

Overall, it's a fun listen with a good recap of the season and more than few WiFi issues from Darcy. 

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts. 

0:20 - Brooke introduces the crew and Darce very quickly leaves the chat. 

1:55 - How did June and Darce find co-vice captaining the Game Changers? 

3:54 - Mim and Brooke discuss how they found the season. 

6:55 - Being the youngest team in the competition, there were a lot of players stepping into the spotlight. 

9:00 - The pair of Jess' definitely brought some great influence to the group. 

11:34 - The four detail their highlight of the season, one might've got stolen along the way and Mim gives a shoutout to the balcony. 

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BTGC Podcast | Highlights of the season

All four Behind the Game Changers hosts have joined forces this week to give their favourite moments from season 6 of AFLW.

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16:34 - They had 13 guests on the podcast this season... who was their favourite to have on? 

19:20 - The August start date is looming, what do the gang think about doing it all again in a few months? 

23:10 - The elephant in the room is people firing constant praise to Darce while they are unable to answer. 

26:40 - Rising Star noms anyone?

28:30 - Best and Fairest is just around the corner.... who could be in contention? 

30:48 - Wrap it up, June... no we're not waving at you.