COREY Durdin has become the first Navy Blue to earn a Rising Star nomination since Sam Walsh in 2019. 

Coming off an impressive two-goal and 19-disposal game, Durdin was informed on Monday that he had received the nod from the Rising Star committee. 

Getting a call from Michael Voss and then relaying the news to his family was an exciting moment for Durdin, getting to share the benefit of his hard work with those he loves. 

“I got the call from 'Vossy' yesterday morning informing me about being nominated, I just felt excitement,” Durdin said.  

“It’s a good achievement, telling the family was fun, mum and dad are pretty proud, so is my sister Shianne and brother Tyson – it was a good little moment.” 

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Durdin on Rising Star nomination, building confidence

Corey Durdin spoke to media following his Round 9 NAB AFL Rising Star nomination.

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Durdin has played eight of nine games in 2022, with the small forward starting to find his footing at the senior level. The only game he has missed since his debut in the penultimate game of last season was due to AFL Health and Safety Protocols.

Starting to build some confidence with consistent game time, Durdin hopes this is only the start of his positive season. 

“I think it's been a good start to the year, I’ve had some good form,” he said.  

“I think that was a game that really gave me a bit of a confidence boost and I'm looking forward to the rest of the year.” 

His strong forward pressure hasn’t gone unnoticed by the playing group, with Durdin saying that it has been front of mind for the forward line since the beginning of the season.

Durdin himself ranks second at the Blues for tackles inside 50, behind only Matt Owies who leads the entire competition with 17.

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AFL R9 | Durdin impresses in win

Watch some of the best highlights from Corey Durdin during the Round 9 win over the Giants.

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“There was definitely a strong focus, especially on the weekend, for our smalls to apply plenty of heat and get involved in scoring opportunities,” he said. 

“'Vossy' has has been really strong and vocal in making sure that we’re bringing pressure and sticking to our team defence.

“I think that's what's earning me a game at the moment and currently I'm building on my offensive part: there's plenty to go, but I'm excited to keep working on it.”

The 19-year-old lives with Jesse Motlop, who debuted on Sunday, Jack Carroll and Tom Williamson, with no shortage of banter and competitiveness in the household. 

Durdin was humbled by his Rising Star nomination, and said there was no sense of one-upmanship between Carroll and Motlop in particular, who were also eligible for the award.

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AFL R9 | "Best feeling in the world": Motlop sums up debut

Jesse Motlop spoke to Carlton Media following his first ever AFL game and goal in the Round 9 win over the Giants.

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He did, however, note that it was exciting to be playing alongside his best mates on the big stage. 

​​ “We weren't really competing, I think it was exciting to have Jesse and Jack Carroll in there,” he said. 

“I had so much energy on the weekend, just obviously with ‘Mots'’ debut and having Jack back in there as well – we're really working well together and it's exciting playing each game.” 

Wearing the famous No.19 guernsey, Durdin has a close link with Eddie Betts, with the former Blue maintaining a relationship with the incumbent in his former locker.

Durdin explained that Betts offered him the guernsey number after his retirement game, and it was simply one which he couldn't turn down.

“After his retirement game I sent him a message obviously congratulating [Betts] on a successful career and at the end of his reply he just said, ‘the No.19 is there if you want it," he said. 

“I ended up moving into the No.19 and just looking to try and make it proud.

“His main message to me is: life as a small, you're not always going to get the reward with goals or touches, but as long as you bring that pressure and play a role for the team, you'll be valued – and I've definitely seen that and felt that internally from our boys.”

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Durdin on Eddie's impact

Corey Durdin touched on the relationship he's built with Eddie Betts, someone he grew up idolising.

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Having previously discussed his relationship with his sister Shianne, who is vision impaired, Durdin again emphasised his care and duty to his sister, aiming to make her proud with every game he plays.

Having an extra incentive to compete on game day, Durdin admits that he always keeps Shianne in his mind, looking to overcome challenges like his sister does daily.

“Shianne is my purpose for playing footy,” he said.

“I love making her proud and obviously she's really proud of me.

“Every time I'm out on the footy field, I think about her and what she goes through and how it may not be going my way on the day, but just to keep digging in and overcoming barriers and challenges.

“This is extra special to celebrate with her.”