THE NIGHT finally here! 

Watch the 2022 John Nicholls Medal in the player below from 7:00PM (AEST).

The full list of awards being presented on the night can be found here. 

Live updates will also be available through the Carlton social media channels.  

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2022 John Nicholls Medal: 

Friday 30 September, 7:10PM (AEST)

Event guide (approximate times only): 

7:20PM - President's address

7:30PM - Senior Coach address

7:35PM - Rounds 1-6 vote Count

7:45PM - Break

8:30PM - Captain's Address

8:35PM - Club awards

8:45PM - VFL/VFLW awards presented

8:50PM - Rounds 7-12 vote count

9:00PM - Break

9:25PM - Coterie awards presented

9:45PM - Rounds 13-18 vote count

9:50PM -  Break

10:10PM - Rounds 19-23 vote count

10:15PM - Winners announced 

10:30PM - Live stream ends