NEW SEASON, new podcast. 

This year, we had some prerequisites for who would sit behind the mic: preferably someone with 300 AFL games under their belt, six years as Club captain, two John Nicholls Medals and quality radio experience in the last 12 months.

In the end, there was only one man who could fit the bill: Marc Murphy. 

On the Marc is a fortnightly podcast hosted by ‘Murph’, where he will delve into the world of the Carlton Football Club – past and present. 

His first guest is none other than good mate and former Carlton star Chris Judd, with the two just returning from a trip to the States to chat about life after footy, kids and all things Navy Blue. 

Listen below or wherever you get your podcasts, thanks to Great Southern Bank. 

0:00 - Our esteemed guest can count, so we’re off to a cracking start. 

0:17 - Let’s get into it: Marc 'Murph' Murphy introduces Chris ‘Juddy’ Judd to the "history-making" first episode of On the Marc.

1:50 - Juddy takes a quick opportunity to plug his current podcast – anything for the great man.

2:26 - Juddy wears many coaching hats in a variety of sports for his four kids (just don't mention pressure points), as well as dabbling in the hardest game of all – the stock market. 

3:30 - It’s not easy to give up something you’ve been passionate about since the age of three, but Juddy is finding you need to give yourself ample time to find new passions. 

5:36 - Oscar Judd isn’t deviating from cricket to footy just yet… especially if Juddy is starting his junior pre-season with a beep test. 

6:46 - What did Juddy spend his first footy pay cheque on? PSA: it was different back then. 

9:18 - Superbowl chat: Murph and Juddy ticked off a few items on the bucket list on a recent trip to America, while Juddy has a potentially unexpected favourite artist? 

12:32 - Juddy recalls the most important debut of his illustrious career: his one-game stint with the Northern Blues. 

14:10 - What are the difference between Grand Finals and other finals? How does Juddy look back on it all and what does he remember? We're feeling the anxiety just hearing them talk about it.

17:48 - Who would Judd bring into the 2011 side to help the team move further into the finals? 

19:10 - Juddy gives his predictions from the outside on what he thinks the Carlton Football Club can achieve this year.