THE CARLTON Football Club have proudly launched its third Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for 2023-2025.

As a values-led organisation, this RAP formalises Carlton’s commitment to assist in delivering positive life outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

This RAP aims to create opportunities for the Club and community to learn about, accept and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

Further, the Carlton Football Club’s Vision for Reconciliation is to use football, and the Club’s contribution to the broader community, as a vehicle to respect, recognise and show pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

The new RAP will look to incorporate reconciliation activities into daily practice whilst also identifying opportunities within the business to positively influence Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures.

Later this year, the Club will also launch an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program which will focus on building self-determination, an important part of cultural sustainability that the community have shared with Carlton. 

The program will additionally connect staff and industry-leading experts with the community to build relationships and positively impact families.

Carlton CEO and RAP Champion Brian Cook said the Club is committed to playing an active role in the advancement of reconciliation throughout Australia.

“This Reconciliation Action Plan will provide the Club with renewed focus on how we can better play our role in the country’s reconciliation with First Nations peoples,” Cook said.

“We have learnt from the previous two RAPs the importance of consistent and meaningful engagement with our community, internally and externally, as we strive to create programs to achieve this.

“Further, we understand that only through repetition and reflection of practice will we be able to create meaningful change across our work.

“Throughout the next few years, we look forward to sharing our success and challenges as we continue to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture on and off the field.”